Sunday, April 15, 2018


Nastya: I am terrific at spending money,

besides I look better in a swimsuit!

Anton: Hello friends. This is Heads and Tails and

we came to Dominican Republic

to reload this sunny resort!

Nastya: Stop! I am ready! Dominican Republic

is the place where Christopher Columbus FLEW

in and began exploration of America in 1492!

Anton: Bravo professor Evleeva!

Do not forget that the smartest people are usually those

without money. I know what I am talking about.

Nastya: You can continue this tradition.

Stay poor, but be smart!

Anton: Year right! Watch my bazooka arm toss this coin

up and we shall see who will be rich. Heads!

Nastya: Tails!

Nastya: You can have your nerdy glasses back! C'mon!

Dominican Republic is a heaven for your eyes

and a balm for your soul.

Seemingly, every gorgeous thing in the entire world

is gathered in this country!

The sea is as blue as in your dreams

While the jungle is emerald green!

Here you can swim by floating cliffs…

See the open space while being underground!

Moreover, even set a foot in hell!

You can see unparalleled Dominican beauty right after

you leave the runway. Therefore, I have to show off

in style as well.

In order for a car to match me, I chose a pretty,

passionate, unbelievable ride without a roof!

This unusual car is called the Slingshot,

because it has one wheel in the back and two in the front. This model only came out a year ago,

but it is already wildly popular. Just like myself!

Let's roll!

We decided to begin our Dominican Reloaded adventure from a resort town of Punta Cana.

You find yourself in a whirlwind of tourists as soon as you step off the plane.

There is rumbling of luggage and many greeters. People are boarding the shuttle buses.

Dominicana is considered an expensive destination where we are from.

The tour prices at home start from $2,000.

Those same tours only cost around $500 for Canadians and Americans.

Therefore, they arrive here in large numbers. Hotel buses can barely keep up.

A visitor without a specific tour has to find a mode of transportation used by locals.

What did he say?

Be sure to learn at least a few basic phrases in Spanish if you plan to go to Punta Cana.

Locals do not understand a word in English.

Learn Spanish. Learn from my mistake.

I am starting to get nervous.

OK, let's just go somewhere. Anywhere. Let's go.

You go halfway across the world to a Dominican Republic thinking you will find culture, elite things,

minivans, buses. And what do I get? Bam!

An A\C with direct flow.

This reminds me of minibuses back home.

All that is missing are wooden trays for change.

He even holds the money like a typical bus driver.


Please pass that back.

I am the only tourist here, surrounded by all locals.

Punta Cana is a very touristy town.

Work is all that is left for local people to do.

Meet Pedro, he is a waiter.

That is Juanita, she is a maid.

Maria is a masseuse at a spa center.

All of them are going to work,

while I am going to the beach!

Slingshot is super powerful, super fast and super maneuverable,

but it is completely unpractical.

Your cocker is scraping against every speed bump.

This car has such a low clearance that I feel every pothole. My hair is all over the place.

There is nowhere to hide from the sun.

It is so damn hot! This is like a small sauna on wheels, because the seats are scorching hot!

Nowhere to run from the sun! Makes me wanna rip my skin off and jump into an ice bath!

This totally feels like a resort country.

Hello Dominicana!

How beautiful it is! The sun shines so brightly!

Palm trees grow on each side of the road.

Houses are drowning in the sea of green.

Yet, this is just an appetizer.

The main course is the actual sea of course.

It is best not to talk about it.

Simply watch, listen and enjoy!

This is how Dominican Republic looks like on travel booklets.

My van took me to downtown area, which is hardly a postcard material.

The wires on the street are at the level of your head.

Then there are fences.

Walls and more fenses.

Punta Cana is a fence city my friends. One complete side of the main street is a solid wall.

Behind this barrier are the villas, golf courses and hotels! Lots and lots of hotels!

I am louder than you are.

At last here it is. Punta Cana's main square.

Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be in a touristy town.

A nightclub, a couple of palm trees, some fast food joints, a currently free trampoline and a statue of a man

who contributed most to the well-being of the city – Spiderman.

My eyes need to see something beautiful right this instance. Where is the nearest beach?

The most famous beach in Punta Cana is Bavaro Beach.

Most expensive hotels

hide behind a shade of palm trees.




Majestic and others.

The beach is filled with rich people.

I need to mix it up in here a little bit.

I think my heart is gonna stop. So beautiful.

Wanna know what the best part is?

That the sea, the sun, this beach…

all of it is community property.

Hello Dominicana! The palm trees!

The sun! It's just a bit cloudy. Awesome!

Considering I am here free of charge this place is heaven!

On the other hand, let us look at it from a perspective of a tourist who paid a bunch of money for this.

Seaweeds are everywhere because of the coral reef.

They're in the water. They're in the sand.

There is so much of them that the cleaners cannot keep up.

Speedboats are tearing through the waves.

Pelicans and parachutes are hovering over your head!

This girl has been trying to find a spot for a perfect selfie for a good 30 minutes.

So sweet I did not have to pay a dime to be here.

I will have plenty of time for the beach.

Right now, I want to see what sights Punta Cana has to offer.

First destination – Monkey Land preserve, which is an isolated part of forest with a population

of saimiri monkeys living inside.

Tourists are allowed to visit for a $75 entry fee.

Saimiri, or as they are also known, Squirrel monkeys are the tourists' favorite, because they love to interact.

Hi, this is for you!

Dear God! This is so cute!

I am getting goosebumps right now! I cannot…

You really should not turn your butt to the audience.

Let us hope he does not poop on my head right now!

It's fruit.

These cute monkeys are not originally from here.

They were brought over by a pair of Canadian scientists.

Then they began reproducing.

Nowadays they continue to live here fine and dandy.

Saimiri has a highest brain to body size ratio among all primates.

I can tell they have large brains just by looking at the shape of their heads.

So fury.

Scientists claim that their brains do not have convolutions.

After I have looked at the monkeys, it is time for me to go monkey wild myself!

The zip lines stretch all across this park.

They reach 60, 100 and even 700 meters long and anyone can ride them like Tarzan.

So beautiful!

This is great and all, but how much tanning and snorkeling can one do? What is next?

It is good to be them.

They can just go up to their room when they are tired of the beach, or get a massage at the spa,

came back to the beach again, go get some food.

Yeah. What if I tried to sneak into one of the most expensive hotels on Dominicana?

First of all, let us rid ourselves from poor man's accessory.

Forgive and forget my friend.

Then we borrow someone's hotel towel.

I'll bring it back I swear.

Also, a cocktail for courage.

Place a towel over your wrist so that no one can see that you are missing a hotel bracelet.

Just like the one that this rich guy has.

Walk confidently. Let's go.

My cameraman stayed behind not to draw too much attention.

I started filming with my phone, so pardon the quality.

I made it past the beach security.

So far, my towel trick is working just fine.

This hotel is luxurious.

I just have to stay relaxed. Keep my cool.

I made it to the restaurant.

Now I need to get to the Holy Grail – the buffet.

A girl at the door did not say anything, just greeted me.

Towel trick keeps working.

Look at how much food there is.

Let me get some salads, some mussels, some tuna.

Fish steak?

I will try that! Couple of cukes, some broccoli for color.

Also rice with veggies, couple of chicken drumsticks,

some turkey.

How could I forget about fruit?

Let me get more!

Coffee for sure!

The scheme totally works! Look at this feast!

Tastes excellent.

This is unreal.

All of it is free.

Security guard: Excuse me sir, do you have your bracelet?

You cannot be here.

Earlier today, one intruder was taken into custody.

You should leave right away.

Sanya we have to haul ass.

I was trying to teach you a life hack.

Instead I told you how not to do things.

I got away cleanly.

Similar offense could have easily landed me a 3-day

jail sentence. Let's go Sasha.

A rich tourist can afford to experience the most extreme kind of diving in Punta Cana.

Diving inside the cave.

If you look closely, you can see a hole down there.

It is 300 meters in length and 14 meters deep.

Something around that.

This is where we will dive.

I will be honest, I am a bit scared to dive there.

This is nothing like diving into clear ocean with fish and corals.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Oh snap! I forgot to change!

Let's go!

Just like that, I am a diver.

What did I do to deserve this?

This is not one bit sexy.

Maybe a little.

I finally got it on!

Is my chin supposed to be like that?

I am going in.

This should be great.

I will swim there and we will film it for you.

All jokes aside, in cave diving you need to supply double of everything, including oxygen tanks.

You are diving into a closed space and cannot swim up to the surface for air whenever you want.

You need special training for this. Here is the sign warning about the possible lethal outcome.

Diving here without a diver's certificate is strictly prohibited.

This cave is every claustrophobic's nightmare.

You are both under water and underground at the same time.

The tunnels are very tight. At any point, you can scrape a stalagmite and cut your gut open.

Ropes are stretched over each tunnel to keep divers from getting lost. Instructor always goes in front.

One wrong move and you are history.

When you get past panic and start to control your breathing,

you can begin to marvel at the beauty around you.

This is just like being in space!

You are floating at zero gravity,

traveling through stardust.

This is so awesome!

It was unlike anything I have seen.

I was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

Astonishment and joy were merging with fear and danger.

I kept thinking that I would hit the cave's sharp ceiling with an air tank.

Overall, it was scary as hell, but also very splendid.

Time to grab a snack.

I figured since I am on an island, there should be fresh and affordable seafood here. Allegedly.

We do not serve fish.

This is not a fish restaurant.

You are not gonna find one anywhere.

You can try.

Oh well, this is not the last restaurant in the world.

Waitress: No fish, but we have killer fries. Chicken?

I cannot believe a café with cheap seafood does not exist on an island.

I think I will have the best chance if I go to café quarters.

There I will catch my fish for sure.

What kinda trash is this?

Tourists come here from all over the world to fill their bellies with lobsters and oysters.

Local cafes just do not serve any.

All right, last try.

Chicken roasted in beer, fried chicken, hot wings,

of course, chicken breast, beef goulash,

that was missing, smoked ham.

I do not know what sancocho is.

Wait a minute! Is that fish?

Congratulations! At last!

That is so weird.

It turns out that the secret is simple –

Dominicans are very idle, they feel it is too much work

to wake up before dawn to go fishing.

It is much easier to cut chicken's head off.

I felt like having some fish all day,

so bring me a fresh one pronto!

Traditional beans, more like a soup.

An Everest mountain high pile of rice

and something that resembles fish.

Smells like fish. Let us give it a try.

It is holding up. Pretty good fish with veggies.

This is a ton of food for $5.

No way I'm gonna finish this

without some help from the flies.

You can see a lot more than one resort village when you have a gold card.

Everything is quite simple.

You rent your own chopper for $7,000, take off and Dominicana is at your feet.

These huge panorama windows are a huge plus of this heli.

I literally have a 360-degree view! I can see everything! Incredible.

My chopper is taking me to a prettiest best-kept Dominican secret – Barahona province,

where beaches are deserted and look primeval and the sea is crystal clear.

Cliffs are floating above waves. There are no crowds of tourists like in Punta Cana.

Here it is quiet, peaceful and delightful.

I would lay at the beach all day, but I found out that a grandiose party is about to go down

at Punta Cana's main boulevard.

I like what I am seeing!

A carnival!

This is Dominican Carnival.

A cousin of carnivals in Venice, Rio and Mardi gars in New Orleans.

This carnival is a mixture of Spanish colonial traditions, African influence and Native Caribbean ornaments.

These devils open up the parade.

Legend has it they fell from the skies.

Their job is to scare people with their huge masks.

Following them are the pig-faced devils.

They slap their whips against concrete and boast their bundles of bladders.

You will have luck all year long if you will get slapped on the head!

Up next are the carnival's funniest characters – men wearing female dresses.

Fake tits, lipstick and everything.

An improvised talent show follows soon after.

Theater clubs, groups of dancers, local brand names.

Some folks are just plain showing off.

Check out this Can-man, fish-wearing ladies,

Fantomas crayons.

The costumes are so awesome they could give any fashion week a run for their money.

I was just starting to get into it and it is now over!

Can you tell me why? You cannot end this fast!

Everything inside of me says continue!

People create their own carnival after the main event is over.

I am right there with them!

This city needs a hero!

What does he want from me?

It turned out that a local fella wanted to teach me a lesson for hitting on his girlfriend.

That dude was steaming hot!

While Anton was getting acquainted with the locals,

my chopper flew me in to my hotel.

his suite is quite interesting.

Very handsome.

I just love a big bed!

So soft, so tempting.

Let me tell you about my suite tomorrow, okay?

I am off to bed after shower.

When the night comes,

the whole town becomes one large discotheque.

What are you doing? Please stop! What is going on?

Can you call David? Jar?

Ptushkin has been taken in. I do not know what he did.

We're gonna spend a night in a car.

We cannot even get inside there.

That was some carnival filming!

Police officer: Buenos Dias.

We have received complaints about you

disturbing the peace.

We think a night in the precinct will be enough,

because this is your first strike.

Can you get the cuffs off him?

Your second strike will result in a 3-night arrest

or an immediate deportation.

Here are your personal belongings and documents.

Be sure not to repeat what you did.

People with money usually get a nice nutritious breakfast in the morning first, but I have a better idea!

My hotel features the most unusual spa in the Dominican.

They place a massage table right on the mountain river for you!

Any sound of the flowing water brings a person back

into the feeling of being in the mother's womb.

My nervous system is stable.

I feel totally relaxed and safe.

My masseuse uses a paste made from Caribbean herbs,

citrus and honey.

I hope Anton is having a similar morning too.

Let us look at this on the positive side.

I did save on my night stay.

I have $80 left after my first day in the Dominican.

Therefore, I am going all out today!

I will rent a car!

It turns out that the Dominican is a heaven for budget car rental.

You can rent a car here for around $50,

and also you can haggle.

The best part is you do not need a credit

card for payment or a safety deposit.

All you need is your I.D. Cool!

It's the best price!


Ok! Deal!

I thought I was bargaining for a car like this one,

but look at my ride!

Brand new Hyundai Sonata!

Can I give you a hug? Friends forever! Brother!

Holy Mother! Skin interior!

Power steering!

Music is the best part!

This is a forgotten feeling, because it is almost like I have a gold card on me!

It is now time to vroom! Vroom!

This is going to be an exciting day in Dominicana.

I will head out to Jaragua National Park first.

To a Dominicana's secret paradise.

I will go to a real hell right after that.

I will visit Haiti, Americas' poorest and most dangerous country.

I hope this adventure does not become my last.

My silver Hyundai and I also have a bunch of stuff planned.

We are headed north towards the los Haitises National Park to entirely change the scenery.

Los Haitises consists of quiet bays and uninhibited islands.

Mangrove forest and caves.

You can see all this finery if you purchase a boat tour.

Is it the love boat that I am getting?

Look at that!

Here we go!

Mangrove forest is the park's first wonder.

This looks stunning! Mangroves are unique.

They are nothing like our oaks or maples.

Their roots look like stills!

Having those roots allows them to breathe inside salty seawater.

While Ptushkin was all into roots,

I came to Jaragua National Park.

For $60 you can visit the most exclusive

Dominican location.

Let me tell you more about least known attractions

in the Dominican.

We are headed towards one of them right now.

It is called Eagles Bay.

Just getting to Eagles Bay is an attraction of its own.

Would you look at that sea!

Look at the cliffs!

This place is unbelievable.

Cliffs are seemingly hanging over the water.

Water has done so much damage to the bottom of this cliff that it seems now like it is floating in the air.

This is surreal!

Nature is the best designer.

Eagles Bay is probably the most isolated beach in Dominicana.

It looks nothing like Punta Cana beaches that are so popular.

Get a load of this, I am the only person on a 15 kilometer beach!

That is Eagles Bay for ya!

No eagles here either.

Except for one proud lady eagle!

My $10 tour included a visit to Cueva de la Linea cave.

This place is unusual.

Native shamans performed their rituals here long before

the arrival of the Europeans.

Walls of the cave are covered with drawings

of gods that Natives prayed to.

This was drawn on this wall by Indians 600 years ago.

The paint included three major ingredients –

mangrove roots, whale fat and excrement of bats

that inhabit this cave. It is a secret ingredient.

It lasted for 600 years.

Who would have known that poop can be that durable!

Look at the sea stars!

Look at that!

Can you believe I retrieved a sea star this big?

You cannot hold them up for more than five seconds,

so off you go.

I think I made it scary!

I decided to visit another cool sight on my way back to Punta Cana.

It is every Instagram star's Mecca – Redondo Peak.

This is where I will have to walk.

A bus can take you up the mountain for $20.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to walk.

A walk uphill took me an hour and a half.

What the hell? Is this a playground for kids?

Oh, now I get it!

Here is how it looks like from one angle,

and that is how it looks from this one!

Redondo Mountain is like your typical selfie obsessed

person – nothing special in real life,

but give them the right angle… drop dead gorgeous!

When rich tourists get bored with lounging on Dominican beaches, they demand adrenalin!

In that case, an extreme tour to Haiti is the way to go.

Let me explain, Dominican Republic shares an island with a bordering country

– Haiti, which is America's poorest country.

It is also considered the most dangerous in the world for visitors.

Haiti is known for hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics and numerous revolutions.

I can take a tour to hell for $300.

I am starting to second-guess my decision.

On the other hand, I could use a thrill and see heaven's darker side.

Going to Haiti by yourself is dangerous.

You need to find an agency that can provide you with an armed security.

Max: Hello.

Nastya: Greetings Max. This is Anastasia calling.

I am a crazy tourist that is looking for thrills.

I want to visit Haiti.

Max: We can help you with that.

You do realize that a visit to Haiti can be highly

dangerous and unpredictable?

Nastya: Yeah. I heard it could be dangerous.

Max: I will arrange a meeting for you. A man wearing a green shirt will meet you at the gate.

Security? It will be there, okay.

I thought it would just be him.

First, you need to take care of the documents and arrange armed security.

A few steps later, you find yourself in a Haitian village – Anse-a-Pitres.

Here it is, Haiti's #1 landmark!

See it yet? It is right in front of you!

It is poverty and misery.

This is not a crisis in Haiti, rather a constant state of affairs.

This is how 80% of the locals live.

The streets are passageways between dumps of rubbish.

Stores are made from rusty sheet metal.

The houses are huts built from sticks and rags.

The church is the only building that looks respectable.

Check out how these kids entertain themselves.

Nothing like video games and gadgets.

They make these themselves.

You take three sticks and try and have as much fun as you can.

Why are two countries that share one island so entirely different?

So happens that hurricanes and earthquakes are hitting Haitian part of an island far more often than the other side.

Although, the most damage is being done by Haitians themselves.

Haiti went through countless revolutions, coup d'état, uprisings and rebellions.

Peace and order were absent on this land for 200 years.

Poverty and misery is a result of that.

Let us be honest, this Haitian village is not the hell itself, rather just a lobby.

This is just a poor country. I did not need all of that high-hat crap with an armed escort.

Armed guards are a way to swindle scary tourists out of their money, but as soon as the guards left,

I was swept off my feet by an mob of hungry children.

They all want something from me.

Easy! Easy! Dear God!

Sorry, I don't have anything else to give.

I had better take off before this gets out of hand.

That was awful! I've never seen anything quite like that.

Forget me. They were ready to fight each other

for scraps of change.

Haiti for a rich tourist is like a cold shower.

After visiting here, they value their all-inclusive vacations on the Dominican side even more.

Complaining about the seaweeds ends right there.

Dear friends! Let us not change the tradition, here is a $100, here is a bottle.

I am sure that you will put that money to good use.

Search for our Dominican bottle in the center

of Punta Cana.

While standing with your back to Coco Bongo nightclub, walk 150 meters towards an open lot.

Our bottle is hidden in a pile of leaves under the tallest tree.

Dominicana is like Robin Hood!

It strips wealthy of their riches,

while the poor get all the best for free!

If you get here, do not miss a chance

to snorkel in this sea! Marvel at this nature!

Party at these carnivals!

The key is not to abuse her hospitality.

What it do? What's up! How is the poverty going?

Poverty? Me? First of all, I rolled around Dominicana

on an awesome car.

Second, I visited an awesome sight and made a ton of

photos, so I will get more likes on Instagram than you.

It became possible, because I found, well, a very affordable hostel.

Therefore, I practically lived like a rich man. What happened to you?

You do not look rich at all. You look worn-out and wrinkled.

I just returned from a place where I was hot and scared the whole time.

I desperately need to take a shower and wash all of it off!

We also have a plane to catch.

We are flying to reload another city!

Cool dudes at this hostel taught me how to make a shank.

Which hostel was that?

It is a very exclusive one. No one at Heads and Tails had been to one before.

Oh, yeah?

Yep. Did you ever have friends who are on probation?

For more infomation >> Доминикана. Орёл и Решка. Перезагрузка. АМЕРИКА - Duration: 51:56.


Team Ninja Warrior X Sick Series #46 - Duration: 10:38.

we destroy

hold tight!

Hey guys, it´s us, Sick Series

yes, and today

we have something special for you

A Sick Series Special

Yes, we´ll be at Team Ninja Warrior tomorrow!

We´ll be at Team Ninja Warrior 2018

But we´re still on our trial bikes´in Innsbruck

We will drive to Duisburg tomorrow

But let´s go for a trial session now!

A ``Innsbruck-City`` trial session

We´ll have a nice evening

So, stay on!

I want to bunnyhop these stairs up

without pedaling

Jump! Why did not you jump?

So, that we can finish today

I only want to jump up to this stair

jump up these four stairs without pedaling

that's harder than I thought

Do it!

Jump up!


This try was ok

The next challenge: Jumping over this flower pot

There´s a hole in between, I have to jump over the two curbs

Thanks for the beautiful analysis


The next challenge: jumping over these bicycle stands

First try, nice!

A bunnyhop up there

with the help of two pieces of wood

Jumping on the bench

over the bench on the rail, drop down

that costs me a lot of nerves

Yes, nice

180, and then a footjamwhip, let´s go!

So guys, that was our trial session

now, we´ll go to Duisburg to Team Ninja Warrior

and we take you with us again

Yes, have fun. Let´s go!

Every girl, who wants to have a sports BH

you can buy it now

Don´t turn around!

So guys, we´re at Team Ninja Warrior now

Anna Hafner is with us today

How the name says, it´s a Team challenge

We three will challange against the Team of Amadei

But now, we will have a short training

Anna, are you ready?


we are preparing now because we don´t want to lose

Are you ready for some airtime?


So that was the first obstacle.

Anna, it´s your turn now.

My tip: Don´t fall into the water

Be slowy!


Yes, nice! Swing!


Martin, what´s up?

I have to wait

Let´s go to the next obstacle

You have to slide down with this ring

Yes, nice!

Over it!

Pull up your feet and then over it!

Pull up your feet

Don´t release! Pull up your feet!

Pull up your feet and jump!

Pull up your feet!

Yes, Anna

You´re the first victim

Do it!


Swing, swing, swing

jump now!


but now he sweats

So guys, we just tested everything

It looks very good, we´re good at it!

It´s so much fun

only Anna has gotten wet so far, we don´t

Now, we´ll go to the race!

We´ll destroy everybody!

We´ll destroy you!

No, WE´ll destroy YOU



in the video of RTL you can see who won the fight The link is in the description

but there is a duel between amadei and fabio

Here we go, 1 against 1

Fabio against Amadei


Yeah, Fabio moves through!

Go Fabio!

You would have had to go through that!

Do it Fabio, do it!

Let´s go, Fabio!


to the bars now

Do it!

Amadei is behind you!

Go for it!

And up now!

wipe off briefly

I´m done...

Well done, Fabio!

So guys, that´s it. We had a lot of fun today

Thanks to Team Ninja Warrior, it was very nice!

It was a little bit hard

Check out the video from RTL

Link is in the description

Our opponent, Amadei

is linked in the discription

Check him out. Also you can check out her Instagram


Well done!

We had a lot of fun

So we have to say goodbye

Also form Ninja Warrior, maybe until next year!


For more infomation >> Team Ninja Warrior X Sick Series #46 - Duration: 10:38.



Hello guys!

Hello, I'm Ola Englund and welcome to my FAQ video.

Before I start I'd ...

Should we call this FAQ ...

Feline Answered Questions?

I'm not even sure whose cat that is, I don't own a cat.

Before I start this FAQ

I just wanna let you know that we've opened up pre-orders for batch number 3 with Solar Guitars

So, go to the website ""

You can pre-order a guitar that will ship end of May - early June, okay?

And if you're a left-handed player

Be patient, there will be some models for you. Be sure to check our Facebook page to stay up-to-date, okay?

First question!

"Hey Ola, what are the best movies you have seen in the last few weeks? Any suggestions? Love you (no homo)"

A couple of days ago I finally got a chance to watch Blade Runner 2049

and I totally loved that movie, I mean the visuals are awesome, the soundtrack is awesome ...

It's just simply a great movie, I definitely recommend checking that one out

Other than that, I haven't really watched that many movies lately.

I've seen a couple of series like Altered Carbon on Netflix, that's a good one

kind of has a Blade Runner vibe to it. So, if you like Blade Runner, Altered Carbon is a ...

Yeah, it's a good series. You should definitely check it out, okay?

"I Know you don't want to discuss future guitars, but I have to know

"Will there be a turd shaped Solar (maybe the Solarse 1.7)?"


That's actually kind of fun, good on you.

"Ola, what is in your opinion the worst kind of people in the audience that come out to watch shows?

"And how do you deal with them while on stage?"

I mean there's not really ...

You know when I'm playing on my side of the stage, a full show

I get to see the people that are on my side of the stage the whole show, I mean I start to recognize them

and after show, if someone has been on my part of the stage, you know, really enjoying the show

I definitely notice if you're enjoying it or not, or if you're moshing out and having a good time

I usually give these people, at the end of the show, a guitar pick

you know, just to say "thank you" for spending this time with me.

But then there can be some people that I've never seen before during this whole show

just coming up in the middle of, you know, in the middle of between two songs.

They go from the back of the venue up until the barrier, right up in front of me, and go like

Hey, hey man! Guitar pick, guitar pick, guitar pick, guitar pick, guitar pick.

And that's kind of annoying I must say.

I mean I'd rather give guitar picks to people that I see the whole time enjoying the show.

"Hola Ola, you have one second to write the best riff you can do"

One second ...

Duh - nuh - nuh - nuh!

It's pretty good. Let me play that.

Duh - nuh - nuh - nuh!

Awesome riff. Duh - nuh - nuh - nuh!

What am I sitting on? Oh, this.

Duh - nuh - nuh - nuh!

Okay, we have sound. One second riff that I just came up with.

Don't steal it.

"What's the question that you've always avoided?"

Generally I do not avoid questions, unless they're about politics or religion

Because those are topics that I do not want to discuss, I mean this is an entertainment channel

This is a channel that I consider should be free from discussions about politics and religion

I mean, we get enough of that through social media today, and, you know, shitposting and ...

I'm gonna spare you that bullshit, okay?

"Have you played a 'strangber' guitar?"

No, I've never played a 'strangber' guitar

"Hey Ola, question for your next QnA. What do you think of Strandberg guitars? Have you ever played one?"

Yes, I've played a bunch of Strandberg guitars

and I even have a couple of old videos for that on my youtube channel that you can check out.

Yeah, Ola Strandberg, he contacted me back in the day when I was starting my YouTube channel and just like ...

Yeah, he asked me to try out a couple of guitars.

and seeing how he kind of like exploded with his brand right now, and it's awesome to see

I'm very happy for him.

He's doing this whole headless guitar thing and after he did that, or brought that back

because Steinberger had a headless guitar back in the day

but Strandberg did his own design, you know, new headless guitars

and because he's been exploding, other brands have aped off this headless trend, I would say

but Ola Strandberg definitely has the most awesome designs

Not only the body designs, but also like the neck designs as well

He has this 'endurneck' thing that it's kind of like a square that shifts through the neck

And you see it's like: "Okay, that does not look comfortable"

But when you play it, it makes a lot of sense, it feels super awesome

About headless guitars, I'm not that big of a fan, I'm a traditional guy

I like having a headstock, you know, a classical look to a guitar

"Hi Ola, Hola, I'm about to be a father and want to know how this works for you

"How do you divide your time taking care of the kids and practice/play guitar? Thank you."

Well, thank you and congratulations on becoming a father, you will not regret it.

It's one of those things in life that it just, like, makes a lot of sense, at least for me, it made a lot of sense.

And how to divide my time to practice ... It's easy, I just don't practice




Okay, so you're gonna quickly discover that you do not have the freedom

to just do whatever you want at a certain time of day.

You will be more, like, controlled by how the baby sleeps or stuff like that

So, you just have to find those short time periods in between when the kids are sleeping and stuff like that

to find time to practice, okay? Good luck.

"Is it me or is Ola getting rude?"

It's just you, man.

You c*****cker.

"Hi Ola, could you maybe do a tutorial-ish thing on the Grover locking tuners on the Solar Guitars?

"I'm only familiar with the type where you turn the big round screws on the back of the headstock to sec...


"I'm only familiar with the type where you turn the big round screws on the back of the headstock

"to secure the strings."

Alright, so what he's referring to is that the Solar Guitars, for instance, have Grover locking tuners

The usual deal with locking tuners or, like, a lot of brands with locking tuners is that

you have, on the back here, on the tuners you have a locking screw.

So what you do on a regular one you put the string through the tuner

and then you lock the string into place with a small little screw here on the back.

With the Grover locking tuners, you see they do not have that little screw there on the back

it has a double casing in the actual tuner, so you pull the string through this hole here in the tuner

and then when you start turning the tuning peg, this little extra bulk here will lock the string automatically

so you do not have to lock the string yourself, you just put it in there, start turning, it's locked basically

So that's ... Yeah, I really like those Grover locking tuners. They're awesome.

"Hey Ola, what's your opinion on the popularity of super expensive boutique brands

"especially Suhr, as well as James Tyler and Tom Anderson Strat type guitars?"

You know, having a nice expensive guitar, I'm fine with people having them and owning them

And if they make you a better player or make you write better riffs, that's awesome, I'm happy for you.

But for me a guitar gets stupidly expensive if it's over like 2,000 euros or, like, 2,000 dollars.

That's like, that's the limit for me, that's like a really expensive guitar

and if it's that expensive, it has to have good features, like, that are worth it, okay?

But even at that point I think that 2,000 dollars is still a lot of money for a guitar

I mean, a guitar is a tool for you to practice and write

and seeing how guitars are quality-wise in the range of 500 to a 1000 euros

For me it doesn't make sense to buy these super expensive guitars, but obviously people are buying them

There's a market for it, because the brands still exist.

So ... yeah.

What do you want me to say?

It's all about prioritizing.

If you have the money to buy a super expensive guitar like that, then I'm happy for you

I would not spend that type of money on a guitar.

I'm talking like 4000 dollars or 3000 dollars

I would never spend money on a guitar that expensive. I'd rather buy a 1000 euro guitar

and then just spend the rest of the money on video games

It's all about having the right kind of priorities, what's working for you.

I'm saying this now, but then, in a couple of years, when I'm a youtube millionaire

I'll buy that Gibson Les Paul 59 Original

No, it's never gonna happen.

My youtube millions.

"There is a Christian metal band that you like?"

Is there? Which one?

I'm not even sure I know any Christian metal bands. Okay, I have to check.

Stryper! Oh, obviously, yeah. Stryper is Christian band no problem

Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, okay. August Burns Red.

Okay, yeah, I recognized a bunch of these names

I mean, who cares if they're Christian or if they're, you know, part of this Satanist Church

I don't really care. If they make good music, I'll listen to it, okay?

"Hi Ola, love your content man. Do you use anything for war protection?"

War protection?!

"Have you had any trouble with your hearing in the past?

"Do you have any recommendation?"

Oh, for Ear protection!

"Have you had any trouble with your hearing in the past?

"Do you have any reccomendations for protecting your ears? Thanks for your time."

Okay so, whenever I play a show, I use molded earplugs

Molded earplugs are the best, because they pull down the volume level

but with an even EQ frequency range.

So you know, if you use those yellow ones or the regular ones that you buy at a pharmacy or whatever

I mean, they're good, you put them in there, but it's like it f***s up your sound in a way

These molded earplugs, they work a lot better, the filters are really good

and it just pulls down the volume, so I totally recommend getting molded earplugs

It's definitely worth it, it costs a bit more, but yes, definitely worth it.

Now I'm using in-ears live, which makes me able to control how much volume I'm getting into my ears

so I do not have to use these very loud monitors on stage, or 'wedges'

So, that's also another thing you can do, you can get in-ears and just control the volume in your ears instead.

"Ola, my friend from Sweden says there are no trees there. I need to know."

I mean, the whole country is f***ing full of trees

Sweden is covered by 53% of forests and trees, okay?

So, your friend is totally wrong. Either he lives in jail or maybe in a Fritzl cellar somewhere.

"Ola, do you modify your Solar Guitars at all for your personal use?

"or do you play them stock out of the box? Love from Saskuhtchoowan"

Did I say that right? Okay, I'm gonna say this completely right.



Love from Saskuhtchoowan, Canada

Oh, I need to answer the question too.

No I do not modify my Solar Guitars for my personal use, I use the artist ones

If you check out the website, the artist guitars are the ones

that I basically spec up the way that I would play a guitar live or at home

so the artists guitars have, like, glow-in-the-dark sidedots, Evertune bridge and locking tuners

everything that I regularly use on a guitar.

So, these are the guitars I use live

and no, I do not modify them in any way because I spec'em up like I want'em, okay?

They even come with the strings I'm using and the tuning I'm using, so standard D, 10 - 52 NYXL sets, okay?

"Hi, hola, I have now come up with my own little tradition for when I see you've uploaded a video

"I light some candles, make myself a nice cup of coffee, get comfy on the toilet

"And then enjoy doing a poo while watching your FAQ video. Is that weird?"

No, it's not weird.

Oh, that's the last question.

That's awesome.

Before we leave, I just want to say to the few people that are still here watching this video

because now all the degenerates have stopped watching in the middle of the video

So now I'm only talking to my most awesome viewers, and I just want to say thank you.

You f***ing rock, you know?

I'm just very happy with how the response has been lately to my channel

You might have seen that I've upped my video quota, I tried to really push more into this channel

and it seems like it's getting some kind of results.

I'm almost up to 50 million views and 180 thousands subscribers

So I just want to take this short second and say thank you so much, thank you so much for the support.

You're just being awesome.

So, thank you so much for watching this video.

if you have a question, leave them in the comments section of this video.

Yeah, thank you so much for watching. See you next time. Bye.




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7 Ridiculously Expensive Things Kapil Sharma Owns - Duration: 5:16.

Kapil Sharma Net Worth:$26 Million(Rs.170 Crore)

Annual Income $4.6 Million(Rs.30 Crore)

7 Ridiculously Expensive Things Kapil Sharma Owns

Range Rover Evoque Cost:$125,756(Rs.82 Lakh)

Mercedes Benz S-Class Cost:$182,499(Rs.1.19 Crore)

Volvo XC90 Cost:$199,369(Rs.1.3 Crore)

Building In Versova Mhada(Office) Value:$590,000(Rs.4 Crore)

Kapil uses this building as an office and had controversy due to illegal construction

of the building

Vanity Van Cost:$843,486(Rs.5.5 Crore)

This vanity van was designed by DC and is reported to be expensive than that of SRK

Flat At DLH Enclave, oshiwara link road(Flat) Cost:$2.2 Million(Rs.15 Crore)

Kapil owns a flat in this building which he uses for official work

Bungalow In Punjab Cost:$3.8 Million(Rs.25 Crore)

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Snow Foam Test : Carpro Iron X Snow Soap - Duration: 2:10.

hello guys, today we're gonna try carpro iron-x snow soap

we're gonna try it on the paint and also on the tire

with Dilution 1:8

so it's 120ml for a 950ml spray bottle and 125ml for a snow foam bottle

i don't know.. what do you guys think?

it's thick but it's smell really bad

it helps about.. 60 to 80%

you can check the links in the description

hope that helps

thanks for watching and please subscribe

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Revive Israel Media - Duration: 1:07.

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Body Confidence - Tips To Gain Body Confidence - Duration: 8:44.

hello and welcome to she TV the place women come to become powerfully feminine

from the inside out. I'm Candice Oneida now today what I want

to talk to you about is body confidence and why that is such an important thing

for you to get to in regards to your feminine power re-emergence so let's

start with this what is body confidence what I mean about body confidence now to

do this I want you to start to watch people in the world I want you to watch

people out there and the way that you recognize people's body confidence at

first is by watching them walk and move through the world so what I want you to

get to ultimately is that you are able to move confidently feel confident and

love your body as you move through the world and it will be evident by the way

that you move okay so I'm gonna give you a bit of a background here today the

how-to is really the entire body of work that I do with you so what is body

confidence essentially body confidence is when a woman feels love for her body

she loves being in her body she loves moving in her body she loves the way she

feels in her body she loves the way she can give and love through her body she

loves her sexuality she loves the way her body is in the sexual space she

loves the way that she can hold and love people with her body in short this is a

woman who loves her body feels confident in it whether it's wearing a plastic bag

or whether it's wearing something absolutely gorgeous and sensual or

whether she's naked another way that you'll know that your body confident is

you feel really comfortable happy proud loving when you're naked with a partner

and that you love what your body can do and how it feels with them now you need

to notice that I said feels body confidence is something that

you feel it has zip zero and nothing to do with what it looks like there is a

multi-billion dollar industry out there that it's pure intent is to make women

believe that they are supposed to look a certain way that there's a certain ideal

image frame shape form colors whatever hairdos that will suddenly make you the

perfect woman will suddenly make you more attractive will suddenly make you

feel better about yourself now look I'm all about the adornment piece of the

feminine I'm very girly I love doing that myself but my work here with you is

about becoming powerfully feminine from the inside out okay because when you

feel confident when you feel feminine when you love your body then you radiate

from inside out and then anything you add on top is like the cherry on top or

the cream on top or the icing on top okay so you can't invent body confidence

overnight you can't make it up but I'm just trying to position here today that

the look part of it is a decoy and it's not going to change anything not for

very long you can they have this concept show me what it's called you can dress

up a pig but it's still a pig I'm not saying you're a pig but you're what we

wanting to do is if you dress things up or you put lipstick on the pig it's not

gonna make you feel less like the pig what we want you to do is to start to

feel like the Panther inside or a lioness inside or what is that sense of

the animal that you feel inside of yourself how does it feel for you to

move around in your body and to love what it feels like to move around in

your own body I would speak about my body is my temple it's sort of the first

and foremost of my sovereignty of my domain that I

can take care of that I can make sure is fed will has the best water I can give

it has the best food organic food that has a good diet that I know what to put

inside the temple the air I breathe is really beautiful good quality air the

people I hang around encourage me reflect me support me love me right this

is my sovereignty this is my first sovereign position as a queen right and

it's from that standpoint that when we seat ourselves in our body when we own

this body when we own our energy when we take responsibility for it when we love

it and then we're able to be really filled up so as a woman one of the

things I say again and again is we need to learn to plug in in order that we

fill up and then we can really shine the plugging in peace we could talk about

plugging into your body or plugging into your energy but in truth of fact it

really has a lot to do with plugging into life force and hence sexual energy

there's are a lot of videos on here that you can look here about me talking about

sexuality and it is one of the foundations of my work with women we

can't not talk about our pussy and our sexuality and now in our desire and our

needs or we're not plugging into true feminine power what we do as women is we

need to learn to plug in in order that we can turn on brightly from the inside

out and then we fill up and then we are full to overflowing it's from that

standpoint from that vantage point that we can then give and serve others so

many women's malaise is that they give and they do and they do everything else

for everyone and everything first and that they end up really deprioritized in

their to-do list in their priorities my positioning here is you put yourself

first and then the Queen can emerge she can be seated in her body she can feel

confident and loving in his juicy powerful body that we have as

women and it's from that positioning that we can really love and we can

really serve and we can really run our missions as women so body confidence I

just wanted to give you an overview today as to why this is an important

result you need to get to in any work on becoming powerfully feminine whether

it's with me or anybody else look for if they do embodiment work look for if they

show you how to feel good in your body feel good in your body not look good in

your body that needs to become secondary the look part because I can promise you

when you start to go out there and look at people and watch them you will go wow

that woman feels so confident in her body but your eyes might go she's not

traditionally beautiful or according to this multi-billion dollar industry but

she's really sexy she feels powerful she's really confident she's really

attractive and so when we have body confidence we are attractive we're

magnetic we attract things toward us because of how we feel okay so in

conclusion body confidence has to do with how you feel in your body at any

time not about what you look like and it has a lot to do with how you move

through the world how you move how you feel confident in this body as you move

forward in life and how you move through life if you liked the video today give

me a thumbs up I love getting a response thumbs up thumbs down it doesn't matter

I love getting response from you I love getting questions from you and remember

when you have the courage to go out there and shine you give others

permission to do the same so let's go out there and shine this week bye bye

for now

For more infomation >> Body Confidence - Tips To Gain Body Confidence - Duration: 8:44.


Abstract Art Painting Demo | Luvly - Duration: 5:05.

Thanks for watching this video.

If you loved it remember to like this video to encourage me

Think also to click subscribe and click on the bell to receive my new videos.

If you want to go further and become an abstract painter, I have created

a DVD called Abstract painting Secrets to help you.

And best off, you can get this DVD for free!

It's in the description below the video!

See you soon ;)

For more infomation >> Abstract Art Painting Demo | Luvly - Duration: 5:05.


CSK அணி வீரரின் தந்தை மரணம் அதிர்ச்சியில் தோனி | IPL 2018 | CSK | TAMIL NEWS - Duration: 1:32.

For more infomation >> CSK அணி வீரரின் தந்தை மரணம் அதிர்ச்சியில் தோனி | IPL 2018 | CSK | TAMIL NEWS - Duration: 1:32.





ATALANTA-INTER | Luciano Spalletti's interview | Post match reactions - Duration: 4:59.

You're a little too kind, to be honest

because as we all know if a player scores

24 goals in 30 games and then doesn't score for three games he's in a rut!

Are we getting ahead of ourselves?


In the press conference you said you were happy,

apart from the first 10 minutes where Atalanta did well,

with the team's control of the game.

But it was a draw, with too many errors

Too many errors in defence, too many bad passes.

At one point you seemed to gesture to the players

as though to say 'at least string two together'

is that what you think was missing tonight?

The desire, the movement, the commitment were good, you said so yourself

But these mistakes in the build-up seemed to stop us

from pushing on and winning, particularly in the 2nd half when we were on top

Well, they're a team that comes at you hard, they force you

to fight for the ball with the whole team piled together

because you have to go one-on-one physically with them

you have to fight for loose balls, you have to be better

because they all work to clog up the edge of the box

which is why you need to be able to clean up the ball

take a few touches which allow you to gather yourself

so that you can look to attack the space

if you get the ball back in a defensive position

that doesn't mean you're suddenly on the attack

no, you have to play the ball, play it again, open play up a little,

play it forward, play it back – once you've given yourself

those 8, 9, 10 metres you need to let the team settle down,

the spacing of the players has stretched out again,

that's when you can create an attacking platform.

Today we saw that when successful, which wasn't always,

in getting the ball up immediately, not playing it out from the back

we were able to create the chance to score

Gagliardini tried, Borja Valero looked to play the ball out,

were we missing a vertical threat?

Did you ask the players to work the ball up patiently?

Every time we were able to find the way through

we were able to put a man through on goal, or at least threaten.

Yes, but those three, four touches were always there

you take those touches and you give a player the chance to read

the defence, and attack the space. With those few touches

you create the opportunity to then exploit the space that's there.

But with the play today, all the messy ball and back and forth,

it's hard to get the chance to collect yourself

of course you're always going to be under pressure

but you need that moment to reset the distances between players.

Any questions from Appiano?

Evening boss, is it fair to say there's relief

After 3 away matches that we're back home at the San Siro next?

Sure we can, but then again we have to be strong everywhere.

We are a stronger team at home because we have the fans roaring us on.

But we need to have a strong mentality as a team

in terms of personality, you need to be able to put in a good performance

and adapt to whatever environment you're in, physically and technically.

If you can't do that it's a sign that you lack character, personality.

You have to be able to step into the breach in whatever situation

in whatever context you're being asked to perform in.

You need to be able bring that performance physically, mentally and technically.

Good evening coach, so you think it will come down to character

in this final stretch of 6 games?

We'll need a bit of everything, but in the end it will come down to winning games.

For more infomation >> ATALANTA-INTER | Luciano Spalletti's interview | Post match reactions - Duration: 4:59.


The man from Nam Dinh wins the Dak Lak beauty's heart by Nguoi La Oi|Chien Thang-Van Anh| BMHH 375 - Duration: 13:55.

Welcome back to Wanna Date

The program is sponsored by UBC

Led TV by Japanese technology

Let's come to the first couple

Welcome Miss

Welcome Mister

Introduce yourself please

My name is Tran Thi Van Anh

Dak Lak is my hometown

I'm 25 years old

I live and work in Ho Chi Minh city

I have my own business

A brand that is called "Au O Home Town"

I sell all the products about blanket, pillow, mattress

Introduce yourself please Mister

My name is Do ChienThang, I'm 28 years old

My hometown is Nam Dinh

but I was born and grew up in Bac Lieu

Currently, I work in Binh Duong

I'm a marketing designer

Let's talk about your strong and weak points.

I'm a happy and painstaking person

How about your weaknesses?

I'm lazy to do the housework, washing

Are you lazy to eat?

No, I eat a lot.

How about you, Miss?

I'm very independent

So I can live in wherever

I can cook

People say that I'm virtuous

I'm just like him. I'm lazy to do the housework

If you guys live together, your house must be very 'clean'

How many loves did you have?

I had 2 loves

The longest one was lasted for 3 years

I had 2 loves

one was about 3 years

the other one was about 4 years

then why did you break up?

It may be because both of us have a big ego

we couldn't compromise

Do you want to ask him something?

When you and your girlfriend argue

You usually make it up immediately or after a few days?

I'll wait for her to calmed down

then tomorrow I'll make it up with her first

No matter it's my fault or her fault.

To me, if I agrue with my boyfriend.

I want to get the problem solved immediately

If not, I will send him a long text

Your ideal lover?

He must be older than me

Have a good knowledge

It's mean he can answer me anything that I don't know

Use google then.

I like man who like the white color

How about your ideal lover, Mister?

The girl who can understand me

Taller than 1m55

virtuous and sophisticated person in society

How tall are you? - 1m74

What do you dislike in a girl?

Don't get jealous easily

too furious

and doesn't know how to behave with other people

I'm confident about that

Have you prepared well for the marriage?

I prepared amount of money

and a house in Binh Duong

I have a stable job

So I want to settle down

When will be okay for you to get married?

about 1 or 2 years later

I will work in Binh Duong

Do you have any other bad habits?

I travel whenever I want.

I travel alone.

such as Sapa, Lang Son, Phu Yen

Can you take her with you?

I come here to find the one can travel with me

I love travelling too.

He looks like a handsome Korean man

but you guys talk too slow

What do you hate the most in a man?

Promiscuous behaviour

Patriarchal behaviour

You guys are suitable for each other!

Who do you go with?

I come here with my friends

She is a little shy

but she is very independent in her career and life

He has a stable job

and a house

Especially, he loves traveling just like her

you guys are suitable with each other

So I think you can consider about this relationship

to come to the next level with him

Who do you go with, Mister?

I come here with my cousins and best friend.

I'm his cousin

At home, he is very lovely

have a good behaviour and very independent.

she is very beautiful!

I hope you guys have a good meeting.

Let's have a meeting in 2 minutes

You are so beautiful!

You live in district 7? - Yes

Let's sing a song, Mister!

I'll sing "Nguoi La Oi"

How do you feel, Miss?

I like the people who is persistant

because I'm not a type of girl who fall in love at the first sight

I'll touched by the man who is persistant to me

I don't know if you are able to bear with me

It doesn't matter to me

as long as we trust each other

It's all about us if we can change for each other

Do you usually know how much money

you have in a wallet?

it's only approximate

I ask this question because I'm not good at

controlling the expenditures

So I don't know how much I have in the purse

I ask you since I'm afraid that

I will get yelled at if you are an punctilious man

So what will you do on the date?

Do you have any difficult in the dating time?

I'm always free for you

Since I can schedule my job

After meeting me in this show

your bed will become really nice for sure

You love traveling right?

Where did you go?

Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet

I really want to go to Sapa but I haven't had a chance to go.

I went to Sapa once

Hope that I can be your tour guide

I have a gift for you

This one is collected from many places

that I went to.

Can I open it? - Yes

It's made from the laurel wood.

I designed it at the top of the Fansipan in Sapa

At first, I planned to give it for a special person

but I join the show today and I decided to give it to you

There are only a few seconds left

let's say it all

She is a beautiful and virtuous lady

She cottons with me about travelling

I like her at the first sight

Put your hand on the button

Thinking carefully

Give your final decision after 3




Time's up

You know our rule

Please allow me to kiss you

Here are the movie tickets from Cinebox 212 Ly Chinh Thang

and the refreshing spray GreeLux

Here are the voucher from Couple TX

that is worth 1.000.000 VND

Here is the smart TV 50 inches from PanaTV

that is worth 9.8 million

It is produced by Japanese technology & standard

This will be yours if you guys come to marriage

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