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Lầu Năm Góc Chi 22 Triệu Đôla cho Chương Trình Điều Tra Bí Mật Về U.F.O I Khoa Học Huyền Bí - Duration: 6:36.

Hey guys thanks for watching Beyond Science, it's Mike Chen.

And this is a really interesting story.

For years,

the United States government has always tried

to maintain a pretty much safe and somewhat skeptical position

when it concerns the possibility of alien life

and the likelihood that extraterrestrial beings

may try to visit our planet

or have already succeeded in doing so.

And whatever footage or information on unexpected sightings

of unidentified flying objects or UFOs

are released and made known to the public.

Government institutions are really quick to refute

the possibility that the origins of these aerial objects are not of this world.

Instead, they offer explanations that they deem more plausible

thus completely veering the public's attention

and curiosity from topics they feel are best left on discussed.

Perhaps, this is to prevent the public from descending into chaos

because of their misguided fears.

Or perhaps it is to spare the rest of us from having to deal with difficult truths

while those in the government think that

they are covertly acting with our best interest supposedly always in mind.

But every now and then,

earth-shaking revelations are made by top ranking officials of the government

about the secrets the institutions they serve

are keeping from the taxpaying public.

And among such revelations,

the recent acknowledgement by the Pentagon

that have formed and have funded

a top secret and long-running UFO investigation program.

So here's what happened.

On Saturday December the 16th,

the New York Times and and Politico published articles

which revealed that the US government

more specifically the US Defense Intelligence Agency

had been funding a secret investigatory program

that studied unexplained aerial phenomena

or UAPs,

and is supposedly operated from the year 2007 until 2012.

And taxpayers supposedly shout out around twenty-two million dollars

during this entire five-year run,

Called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program,

the clandestine effort to study UAPs

was initiated by former US senator and Nevada Democrat Harry Reid,

who at the time was the Senate majority leader.

Reid's proposed UFO investigation program

was backed by the late Senators Ted Stevens of Alaska

and Daniel Inouye of Hawaii

Most of the budget allocated for the program went to-

an aerial research company run by Nevada businessman

and a governmental contractor Roberts Bigelow.

And not only is he allegedly a close friend of Reed

who is also a passionate believer in the existence of aliens.

It is said to be the one who sparked the senate's interest in UFOs

and all things extraterrestrial in the first place.

Reports also noted that Bigelow provided financial support to Reed's campaign

for Senator re-election in 2004 as well as in 2010.

Now the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program

was led by a US military intelligence official named Luis Elizondo.

As for what members of the program

actually accomplished during its five-year existence,

it was revealed that

the secret UFO program mainly investigated the accounts of military and commercial pilots

who claimed to have witnessed or encountered unexplained aircraft phenomena.

And this was not to just find proof of extraterrestrial presence on earth,

but also to ascertain if some of the mysterious flying objects

were actually secretly deployed by other powerful countries

like Russia or China.

The officials in the program also interviewed any evaluated individuals

who claimed to have felt or experienced

some physical effects from their UFO encounters.

But aside from interviewing people,

the program supposedly recovered a metal alloys

and other physical evidences from discover UAPs

and store them somewhere in Las Vegas.

Anyway, out of the program's efforts,

they managed to write a 490 page reports

about alleged UFO sightings all over the world

for the past several decades.

This report, of course, has yet to be disclosed to the public

and though the program did not manage to yield irrefutable proof of aliens visiting earth

those who are part of the program, particularly Elizondo,

believed that their findings warranted serious attention.

So why was this operation terminated?

Well, funding of the Advanced Aviation Threat and Identification Program

was terminated by the US Department of Defense back in 2012.

As for why it had to end.

Political article mentioned a former congressional staffer

who revealed that while the effort was a worthy endeavor in the beginning,

the program failed to find anything of substance

and because they could no longer justify

spending taxpayer money to investigate UFO sightings,

the program was given a slow death.

However, some of those who supported the program believe that

the Pentagon is still allowing it to operate in some form.

And that officials even today are still investigating UAPs

or UFO sightings reported by servicemembers,

while also attending to other duties in the Defense Department's.

Luis Elizondo, in particular,

resigned from his position in the October of this year

as he expressed

his frustration regarding the Pentagon's indifference

over the merits of the UFO investigatory program

and the government's organization's refusal to fund its operations further.

Elizondo also decried the government's excessive secrecy over the subject matter

and the internal opposition the program constantly faced.

He also revealed that after his resignation,

a new official had already been appointed

to continue the covert UFO investigations of the US government.

And as for what the Pentagon had to say about these revelations,

the Defense Department in response to an inquiry by Reuters

confirmed the existence and subsequent termination

of the Advanced Aviation Threat and Identification program].

According to Pentagon, spokeswoman Laura Ochoa,

the UFO investigatory program ended in 2012

because the department found that

there were more pressing high priority issues

that deserve the funding the UFO program received.

As such, the Department of Defense thought that

it was in the government and the public's interest

to make a change by terminating the program.

But on whether the Pentagon really seized investigating UFO and UAP's sightings

the US Defense Department's response is pretty much a non-answer.

The organization neither confirmed nor denied

that some of its officials are really still handling UFO related issue.

Instead, it's stressed that it takes all threats and potential threats very seriously,

and the department promises to take action

when they find credible information about such threats.

And this s really not the first time

that it was revealed to the public

that their government has been secretly pulling the strings behind the scene

especially when it comes to UFOs.

In fact, the Advanced Aviation Threat and Indentification program

is not the only UFO related project initiated by the US government.

Some of those programs no predecessors include

Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book.

And they all shared similar objectives of gathering data about the UFOs

and determining whether they pose potential threats

to national security and the public safety.

And needless to say,

this recent reveal the UFO investigatory program

is not the first of its kind,

and we can surely expect it won't be the last.

But my question to you guys is -

do you feel like this warrants taxpayer money?

Do you feel like there should be an organization that we're paying for it

whose primary job is to investigate flying anomalies around the world.

For me the answer is 'yes'

But only if the government actually reveals what they find.

But let me know what you guys think about this in the comments below.

Thank you all so much for watching.

I'll see you later.

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Armored Warfare - Update 0.24 "Caribbean Crisis - Part II" Trailer - Duration: 0:56.

Complete the Caribbean Crisis story

Meet the new vehicle dealer

Unlock 7 lethal vehicles

Dominate the new GLOPS map Alpine Valley

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#وجبات_15_ثانية | معكرونة بالقصدير 15smeals | Pasta in Foil# - Duration: 1:34.

3/4 Pack Penne Pasta

Boil it In Water, Salt and Oil

3 tbsp. Oil

3 Gloves Garlic

1 tsp Basil

1 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Black Pepper

Juice of 3 Tomatoes

1 tbsp. Tomatoes Puree

1 Cup Water


¾ Cup Cream

½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

2 Cups grated mozzarella cheese

Add the Rest Of The Penne

Add the rest of Cheese

Bake It For 15 Minutes

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Brad Meltzer Explains Harry Houdini's Connection to the Secret Service - Duration: 5:19.

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PJ MASKS Toys Romeo Go To School - Duration: 15:42.

PJ Masks go to school

Watch this

Yes, I Shrunk the PG masks now where's Gekko I'm gonna get you to

Hey, Dino, pals. This is ToyRex here. Let's see what toy surprise we have today

Hey PJ masks that super genius night villain Romeo is here. Hi Romeo. Why are you here?

Are you here to cause trouble because the PJ masks will stop you no

But I do have a game for you PJ masks to play and if you win

I'll stop being a night villain and join the PJ masks team Wow

PJ masks super hero

What's the game Romeo the PJ masks?

Go to school and take the game test that I prepared and if the PJ masks win and my game

You'll get cool toys, and maybe I'll join your team

Wow, that sounds like fun that PJ masks are gonna win


PJ masks or me

the super genius Romeo

That's awesome. I can't wait to go to school and play this game here comes the bus to school get ready PJ masks

Here's the school. This is the inside of the classroom. There's a bunch of books, and here's the teacher with the blackboard for learning

Wow look at all the pieces

Wow this school has so many parts let's build the school Dino friends

This is the inside of the classroom

And this is the wall there's a window you can see trees and there's a bunch of learning books. Let's put this wall inside

Now let's put on this side this wall has a white door two windows here we go

Now we need to put on the floor the floor even a yellow

It looks like it's a bunch of bricks so cool, and it goes right here

And this one goes on this side

To connect the floor we just closed the school so awesome now, let's put on some stickers

This is a map of the world and a bunch of awesome animals this one has fruits with one two three bunch of butterflies

That's so cool. Let's put on the map of the world right here

Now we need a sticker right here, which one should we pick let's see any mini my team

Oh wow we get the foots in numbers so cool

And here's the chalkboard for the teacher that goes right here now, let's put on the tables, there's 1 &


Now we need some shares

The chair is blue, and the seat is yellow. Let me put the seat inside and give it a good push

Now we have a chair so cool. No the little kids can sit inside it

And there's two more chairs now. Let's build the bookcase

Here's the bookcase and here's the shelf

And now we can put on some books

Hello these books are all read we can put on an upper shelf too


The talk she'll has green books

Where are the books for learning?

And here are some crayons pens and books that goes on the desk

Here's a bike rack and here is a bike. Let's put it together

Wow, so cool boom boom and you can park the bike on bike rack

Now we need the teacher and the students here they are

We have one teacher and three students the teacher is ready to teach his students

She's got her attendance list and she's got a great dress on let's put her inside the classroom

Then we have a little boy with blond hair a red shirt with a reindeer on it

And he's got a green backpack so cool

He's ready to learn and this little boy has a purple t-shirt with the red backpack

So cool, and this little girl has black hair a white t-shirt means

Then she's got a blue backpack

Now the inside of the school is all done. It looks so super super awesome now. Let's finish the outside of the school

The outside of the school has these lights they go right up here

And there's another one on this side

The school has one blue door and two windows and up here is a sticker. It's the clock. Let's put it on

It's ten minutes past 10:00 that means it's time for school

Howdy Romeo welcome to the school are the PJ masks in you game that they're gonna play is already

Hello mister teacher. This is the game these animals are really cute

Can you tell me the rules?

Sure King how the PJ masks have to do is guess the name of these four animals and if they do they win

No, no, that's way too easy for the PJ masks hmm. I'm gonna have to do something

There's only half the picture, how are the PJ masks gonna get to name the enemies this game is gonna?

Be really hard for the PJ masks to win that's perfect

Don't worry the PJ masks are really smart and the game needs to be very hard if they want to win

against the super smart Romeo

Okay, I hope the PJ masks you win not if I can help it, haha

While the school looks so cool, let's go inside

Jerome PJ masks superheroes welcome to the school. I'm the principal and today

We've got a special game for you PJ masks superheroes

Awesome, what game are we gonna play today mr. Principal?

I will show you four animals, but you only get to see half of the animal block

And if you have PJ masks superheroes gets all four animals you'll win surprise toys

Wow the PJ masks of surprise toys this game sounds so much fun, let's play

He's the first animal it's on a blue block this Aaron was yellow

And he's got some really sharp claws. What animal is this I know it's a long moon

Wow good job Gekko

The line is also known as the king of the jungle the PJ masks got one point

Are you ready for the next animal yes, mr. Principal. This is so fun. Well, then here we go

Animal number two is on an orange block and I see a really within long tail what animal is this I know I know

It's a monkey

Wow dad shut up can't boy you gotta read this animal is a monkey they left to climb trees

To make you sure did time for animal one before

This animal is on a yellow block, and I see some pink wings what animal is this?

Wow this one looks tough, do you know what it is outlet? It's a flamingo

Good job Alan you gotta ride this animal is the Flamingo

They're also known as the lovebirds wow. That's so cool. Good job

PJ masks superheroes you got three right set up for the last animal block here. We go and

The last animal is on a red block

I see white with black stripes and a long white tail kind of looks like a horsey

Wow this one looks really tough

You guys know what it is Dino friends. Let's see oh

I think it's a zebra

Let's see

Whoa good job cowboy you got a red it is the zebra. That's awesome

I mean it was a zebra because he has stripes just like me

That's right, and now you win

supplants toys good job Pyramus

Okay, I'll make sure that they lose the next one first. Let's give the PJ massive surprise toys

Let's see what surprise toys the PJ masks

Wow there's so many surprise toys, I can't even see the PJ masks anymore

Let's see which Tory should open. It first eeny meeny miny moe this one

Wow, it's a marvelous 505 bag. I see spider-man iron spider-man and venom. That's so cool

I want to get all the spider-man let's open up the surprise toy

Cool we got dr. Octopus dr. Octopus has these really powerful for octopus tentacles

He's a bad guy that always caused trouble for spider-man, but don't worry spider-man always swap dr. Octopus. He looks so cool

Let's check out the collectors guide. Here's the collectors guide gentle friends look at all the super cool figures and look there's dr.

octopus right over here and in there spider-man soon

Since we got dr.. Let me this time little bit of a spider-man and maybe we'll get a spider-man so cool. There's spidergirl spiderman

And even Stan man and here all the awesome figures

We can get you can see there's an ultimate spider-man Green Goblin there's Doctor Octopus again vulture mr. Mrs.

Amazon the spider girl's venom so cool, and there's even less you met him rhino. I want them all let's open up this toy

Step step step step step who do we get our friends?

This is so funny. We got another Doctor Octopus, and this is a foam head

He looks so cool. He still has his for metal, Texaco. That's so cool

Doctor Octopus is looking for a spider-man

And this dr. Octopus has yellow shoes with a green shirt yellow gloves and his glasses. He looks so funny

Let's give a good flip

And let's open up this one next cool. It's the paw patrol missions. There's all the super pups awesome

There's a rocky Skye Marshall cheese Zuma and rubble

Which super pup is your favorite mine is all of them. Let's open up this surprise toy

Here we go down friends

Rocky it's super rocky

Rocky has a green masa and a green cape because it's green means go and look rocky is super stretchy whoa

Wow, so cool. This must be a superpower. It's stretchy rocky so awesome. I wonder if he bounces

Next let's open up this one I see a Batman Superman and Wonder Woman awesome, and these are all the awesome figures

There's even an Aquaman Clark Kent as a news reporter

Super armored Batman Bruce Wayne Alfred there's Wonder Woman again, and here's some special ones so cool

Let's open this up some friends

It's 50 design tip tip tip tip tip here we go

Totally awesome we got Aquaman. He looks so cool. He's got really long hear affair

Aquaman is the king of Atlantis and uses this powerful trident

It's the Trident of Atlantis the world that is under the sea he can swim really fast. Talk to fish and control water

Aquaman is so cool. He's a member of the Justice League, and he's good friends with Batman Superman and Wonder Woman

He's the world's fastest swimmer. Let's go Aquaman

Tom now but up this superhero mystery mini I see a Catwoman little Kent and Superman

And look at all the awesome figures there's even Harlequin

That's Joker's girlfriend a super doggie a Wonder Woman little horsey Batman pup

Superman super pup and even Supergirl and super cat they look

Ted's ocher with a joker fish and cat girl with her pet cat

And his short pant so cool, let's get Superman can see super strong

Super cute, we got Harlequin she looks so cool

She's wearing hugs red black clown costume with lots of white decorations and gets a little black mask on just really read lips

Really, white face because Harlequin is a clown and her nickname is Harley Harley and also the Joker's girlfriend

She loves to play press and choke on Thurman, but Harley can also be really nice and keep up with the good superheroes, too

Let's watch Harley go for a flip. Let's go Harley run

One more surprise toy left cool it to Thomas and Friends Minnie

I see Thomas right there

And there's an orange train a green train and a purple train and this question mark is the Train that's inside?

Thomas, can you get the golden Thomas today down friend let's try

Cool we got a special edition one it's clear blue

Awesome have you seen a clear train before die old friend? He looks so cool

Even his wheels are blue, and he's the number one trait, and you can see his name. Hey Scully look

Super super happy with white ice and it see his white piece. He's so cool

He must be really good friends with Thomas Thomas, and his friends can go really fast

And they can carry really heavy loads because they're super power for trains time to go a choo choo train. Whoa ho

Wow super fun the PJ masks Ollie's awesome surprise toys. I hope all my dumb friends have a happy

Happy day, and I'll see everyone in the next toy race

Thanks for watching Dino pals you guys are awesome

For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club

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TEEN TOP ON AIR - 틴탑 DAZED 화보 촬영 현장! - Duration: 5:50.

TEENTOP DAZED photo shoot scene

RICKY: If you take a picture shot today

I feel like a boy in this way

I just got wet and cluttered my clothes.

RICKY: We made our debut so far. It's been seven or eight years.

The pictorial concept was a lot of great concept.

I just want to make this tea a natural one.

CHANGJO: The moment I wanted to rebel I had the most time in my life.

CHUNJI: I met you in a long time and I showed you the stage and showed you a new song.

I was so happy and fun.

RICKY: It was so good. From when we came

We watched fans waiting.

It seems so much and still remembers.

CAP: The song is a little deep but for you Singing, writing lyrics today

A song that says to sing a song today still

It is a little dip, I think that it is a song that can fill it fully.

CAP uh ..

When you do this now

This is when this happens.

CHANGJO: Today's concept is the best match Lil like member ..

It seems to be capped in my personal opinion.

And also the appearance of the cap shape The body, the tattoo.

I do not want to be a good photographer.

NIEL: Yoo Changhyun, Ricky.

He's a god of rebellion. Half-hearted

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Korea's consumer prices climbed 1.4% y/y in Feb. - Duration: 1:32.

Consumer prices in Korea climbed one-point-four percent last month.

A cold snap prompted agricultural and fisheries to become more costly.

Price increases in lodging also played a part.

Kim Ji-yeon breaks down the digits for us.

Consumer price increases in Korea were in the one-percent range for the fifth straight

month in February.

Statistics Korea says its consumer price index jumped one-point-four percent in February

compared to the same period last year... a faster rate of increase than the one-percent

on-year gain recorded in January.

The core inflation rate, which excludes volatile food and oil prices, was up one-point-two

percent on-year.

Prices of food, drinks and accommodation increased, while communication prices dropped.

In particular, prices of agricultural and fisheries products spiked due to a cold snap

last month... climbing a whopping three-and-a-half percent on-year... the biggest rate of increase

in five months.

Price rises in the services sector also pushed up consumer prices in February... climbing

one-point-seven percent compared to the same period last year, particularly those related

to food and lodging.

The consumer price index has been hovering near the government's target range of two-percent

between February and September last year...

mainly due to higher petroleum prices and the low base effect due to a nationwide discount

on electricity bills the previous year.

But it fell into the one-percent range since October last year... as prices of vegetables

stabilized before soaring last month.

Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

For more infomation >> Korea's consumer prices climbed 1.4% y/y in Feb. - Duration: 1:32.


Heaviest snow expected east of Susquehanna - Duration: 3:50.

For more infomation >> Heaviest snow expected east of Susquehanna - Duration: 3:50.


MBTA mulling raising parking fees - Duration: 0:53.

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Never Had A Relationship at 21 Years Old - Duration: 6:41.

Welcome to psych irl.

My name is Donna and today I'm going to be interviewing my cousin who is 21 years old.

She's never been in a relationship, never been on any dates, never had a boyfriend,

and actually I know a couple people who are in the same exact situation.

I've also read studies that millennials are getting married later and later.

So by doing this interview i hope you get some insight into that and I'd love to know

your thoughts and feelings.

Do you relate?

Do you not relate?

And Why do you think there is this trend?

What is your name and what is your age?

My name is Marygold Martinez and I'm 21 years old.

I actually never dated or had a relationship before mostly because the people that like

me, I didn't really like.

The person that I liked, didn't like me back.

Oh I actually confessed to him in sophomore year but it wasn't because I wanted to be


He was with this girl and I thought like, "oh no I think I'm jealous".

So, you know maybe if I confessed to him, it will go away.

-what will go away?-

The feelings will go away.

But it does not work like that.

I don't think I've ever been pressured to be in a relationship because of friends.

They were more into their own relationships and my family is Filipino.

So, they were like "oh you should not be in a relationship.

You shouldn't have a boyfriend.

You have to go to school.

Do your college."

and I'm like okay.

I've probably liked people, but then I was like I probably just like him as a friend.

So, I didn't do anything

-So you had a crush on a friend?-

Maybe. Maybe I've had a curst on him but think "nah".

Yeah, I'm not sure.

- you're not sure?-


You don't know whether you like someone or not?


Sometimes I'm like "do I like this person?"

I'm just "mmm probably not".

So, I just go "we're friends.


-so, what's the difference then because the first time you were talking about you said you actually know you like this person-

Oh because I was jealous.

I do not actively look for a boyfriend.

I'm more focused on what goals I have to do compared to like "oh okay I'm trying to find

a boyfriend".

Basically for me, it's if I have someone I like and then we end up together then okay.

But then I'm not really looking.

So, right now I'm trying to be a performer.

Well I am a performer, but I'm trying to get more work from it.

Before hand also, I was actually a nursing major but then I stopped that to be a performer.

I didn't feel like it was for me.

So right now I'm focused on finding more performing work and being a performer.

And that's redundant but yeah.

Most likely I feel like the other person will not really be happy with how I'm acting towards

him because I feel like most of the time when you see a couple they're almost always together

most of the time and they will find a way to spend more time together.

Since I'm a really big big super introvert, sometimes I really do not like seeing people

for every day or like for a long period of time.

Unless I really like that person like a lot.

If you were an animal, I'd love to see you everyday.

Maybe when I'm like 40 I should be worried because I want a baby.

Not now but I want a baby (laughs).

I would say my ideal relationship would be, we would be there for each other.

Although you're kind of messed up sometimes.

They know like these bad things about you, but they're still with you till the end and

just like being there for each other and liking each other.

I don't really know, okay?

Alright so in my opinion when me and Marygold would talk about her and being in relationships,

I always got this uncomfortable vibe.

So, she agreed for me to set up a Tinder account and for me to take it over.

My goal for this is not for her to actually find a date and talk to a guy on Tinder.

It's for her to entertain the thought of being in a relationship, so I'm not going to be


I'm going to be funny.

I'm going to be awkward, but again it's for her to be comfortable with entertaining the

thought of a relationship.

How do you feel about this guy?

You just..

Well I want to know what your type is.

I'm just going to like everyone.

You're going to like everyone?

I like his money.

He has a lot of money.

He is too emotional.

Awful kisser.

He doesn't want to be here.

He's boring.

He's a designated driver.

He doesn't want to be on Tinder.

Someone made him do it, I bet.

Perfect for you.


Rafael, 18 years old.

Do you date people younger than you? or are you open to that?

Dating an 18 year old.


I don't want to do anything illegal.

He's not...

Alright Rolando, 22 years old.

He likes food, music, sleep.

He's a dog lover.


Ha Dragon Ball Z.

Do you like Dragonball Z?

I didn't watch super yet, but I do watch it now.

Before I thought it was creepy.


Do you like abs?


I like his doggos.

You don't say ew.

You're body shaming this man.

I'm sorry.

I'm flabby too.

He's not flabby.

Not looking for a hookup.

Sounds like your type.

He's from Manila, London.

Ooo Manila. Filipino.

I don't like Manila.

Look you got another match.

Jesse is 20.


Okay so he's a Pokemon champion, already.

Sup Boo.


I like that dog.

Alright we don't even know what this guy looks like, but uh I won't show you what he looks like

Let's just heart him.

Look you matched.


Might hold your hand.

He might hold your hand.

Do you like holding hands?

My hands are sweaty.

Oh would you date someone with a child?

If I like the person.

Oh you have a new message.

What does it say?

ooo What's your favorite video game?

What is my favorite video game?

Anything with you.


jk jk

I don't really have one, but so far I'm playing league of legends.

Are you a fun time?

I'm boring af.


I say that to everyone.

Prince Ali.


oops meant to swipe left

What's good Ali says.

What's good about what?

I don't know.

I think this is why you're single

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Turning a Salvaged Object Into Art - HGTV - Duration: 1:04.

For more infomation >> Turning a Salvaged Object Into Art - HGTV - Duration: 1:04.


[曾經 我們一起12歲] - 第26集 / Once, We were Twelve-Year-Olds - Duration: 48:01.

For more infomation >> [曾經 我們一起12歲] - 第26集 / Once, We were Twelve-Year-Olds - Duration: 48:01.



Good evening guys, I'm here in Bangkok at The New Rot Fai night market.

It's supposed to be really interesting, lots of international foods, lots of Thai food,

and of course a lot of shopping. So let's go take a look.

This market has tons of street food vendors selling everything from fresh fruit to awesome seafood.

There's also lots of sit-down style restaurants where you can enjoy some serious feasts.

Ok, here we got some raw shrimp.

And raw crab.

I'm not exactly sure what the ingredients are, but I can see that she put a lot of this green kind of

chili-something on top.

So we got the shrimp, some cilantro, there's an onion, there's a red pepper.



Very good!!!

Wow, that's spicy!

But this is really good, though

Don't let raw shrimp scare you guys.

If it's properly handled, it's good.

Here's some of that raw crab.

It reminds me a little of Korea, like "ganjang gejang" (Korean marinated raw crab in soy sauce with chili peppers and garlic)

So it's raw.

And you just suck it out, and you kind of squeeze at the same time.


Man, the flavors are so good!

There's a lot of garlic, lime...

the chilies

Let's do another one!

Oh yeah

If you guys are thirsty, they have a ton of coolers with lots of beverages,

beer, water, juice...

I got my little bag of bugs here.

Well, first thing I pick is red pepper. That's probably not good to touch my eye now.

So first thing here is a smaller cricket. It's like a little cricket.

Can you see it? You can see its abdomen.

And this has been fried up, and it just has a nice smokey smell to it.

Very greasy.

But it has that smokey flavor from, I think it was wok-fried. It tastes like it was wok-fried.

I've got some grubs here. There's actually two of them on the stick.

I pierced one, but I got the one beneath it.

Very mushy.

Tastes uhmmm....

pretty good actually!

The after taste is really nice, it's salty, but kind of smokey.

That would go really well with beer.

Speaking of which.


Look at this guys.

This is one of those big wood grubs, that live in the bark [of a tree].

You can see the head there.

So when I eat this, I'm going to have to pinch off the head.

I've never actually had this before.


That's really good!

That's even better than the smaller ones.

There's some kind of flavor to it that I can't identify.

But it's very savory. But it also sort of tastes like eating wood.

I guess that's because that's their diet, you know, like wood fibers.

So this is like a red grasshopper.You can see the red on his legs.

And then his stripped body. And you can see his face.

His antenna.

It's like the ancestor of Kamen Rider. (old Japanese TV show)

Itadakimasu! (Japanese saying before eating something)

All these insects taste somewhat the same.

And they're all crunchy. Except for the little grubs, they're kind of soft.

But, good texture man!

Alright, I'm digging around. Digging around.

It's a lot of the same stuff. There's got to be like a hidden treasure somewhere in here.

Yeah, Ok, I think I hit the motherload.

Check this out!


This is a big grasshopper.

Yeah you can see, look at his antenna.

That's great.

Ok this one is a little bit intimidating because of the size.

It's... like if I put my hand here, you can see, it's pretty big.

Or if I hold it up against my face, it's big, it's as big as my nose.

I don't know if I'm supposed to pinch off the head or not.

But we're just going to go for it, the whole thing.

I don't know, I feel like I shouldn't eat the whole thing, the legs are very spikey.

I don't know how that's going to go. But it's fried.

So everything fried, you can pretty much eat, right?

Like skin, shells, whatever... you can fry, and it's edible. So I don't know, I'm just going to go for it all.

Tastes just like the other ones!

I think they're all fried in the same stuff.

Street food in Thailand!

So the night market here, there's definitely a vibe of like youth energy.

There's a lot of trendy stuff, lot of hipster stuff, definitely a lot of vintage stuff.

You can see barber shops, tattoo shops, all kinds of cool stuff.

Anime, just like really cool subcultures all around in this area.

Alright, I got some Halal chicken skewers here.

First one is, what she told me, chicken stomach.

Smells really good.

It's tough, but very flavorful.

Here's some chicken skin.

Very chewy!

Oh yeah!

And then the last one is just chicken meat.

Oooh, it's hot!

Very hot!

Alright, we got mango and sticky rice with the coconut milk on top.

Look at that!

This looks good!

This is a special request by Marie (my friend and ex).

She told me when I come to Thailand, I have to eat this.

And I'm going to eat it.

Here it is guys, spoonful with mango, sticky rice, and the coconut milk.

It's good!

It's really good, actually. Wow!

The sweet mango with the rice, I didn't expect that to taste so good.

With the coconut milk, too!

You definitely have to eat this when you come to Thailand.

The majority of the market space is for clothing and accessory shopping, but you can also check out the

nightlife scene at all the bars and clubs around the perimeter.

(This bar/club's name is "Sorry, I'm gay.")

I hope you guys enjoyed all the street food in this video!

And the cool scene of the market from above. (How to get there in description box)

I'll have the info in the description box down below on how to get here.

It's very close to a Metro stop.

Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and I'll see you guys later. Bye!!!

For more infomation >> EATING INSECTS, RAW SEAFOOD, and MORE STREET FOOD at the NEW ROT FAI MARKET RATCHADA - THAILAND 2018 - Duration: 8:43.


Korean companies in Indonesia contributing to society - Duration: 2:43.


Located right in between the mainland of Southeast Asia and Australia,... this pivotal trading

hub is also the region's biggest economy.

Among foreigners devoted to business ventures in that country are Koreans.

They are not simply driven to leave their mark, but to give something back.

Cha Sang-mi files this reports from Jakarta.

Indonesia boasts the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is one of the world's major emerging


And it seems that several Korean firms are contributing to Indonesia's economic growth

and employing its people.

"Sure Koreans are spread out across the world, but Indonesia is one country they find themselves

at home.

Some 50-thousand Koreans live and work in Indonesia and over 300-thousand Korean tourists

visit every year."

A shoe manufacturer on the island of Java currently employs some 40-thousand locals.

And the head of the company, a Korean, sees his company's business there as a win-win


"Indonesia has the biggest population in Southeast Asia... at some 260 million.

But since they lack the industrial technology to hire so many people, there's also a lack

of jobs."

Shin said that Indonesia's young and abundant workforce and relatively low wages are reasons

why investors see merits in the market.

"I already work in here for 12 years and I feel confident and happy to work together

with Korea, especially South Korea."

And with Korean pop culture and cuisine making huge inroads in Indonesia, a firm that sells

and distributes Korean food products has found a way to offer the country not only highly

sought-after goods, but some socially meaningful services.

"We have been sponsoring Indonesian children suffering from cardiac diseases for the past

25 years.

We are also helping people with leprosy and those displaced by flooding.

Corporate social responsibility is our family business."

The owner expressed gratitude to Indonesia for enabling him to expand his business and

work with locals who share the same mindset, but most importantly, he seemed to be thrilled

to see the locals enjoying Korean food.

"Because I really love Korean food, every time I run out of kimchi, I come to this market

to get it."

These two companies are just a small part of the Korean business presence on the Indonesian


More than 2-thousand-500 private businesses in a range of sectors from the garment industry

to education... coexist with the locals irrespective of language, nationality or religion.

Cha Sang-mi, Arirang News, Jakarta.

For more infomation >> Korean companies in Indonesia contributing to society - Duration: 2:43.


Rulebreakers - Duration: 1:19.

You know what's really weird?

I used to think I couldn't

pull off a smoky eye.

That is so funny.

I've had the exact same hang-up.

I felt uncomfortable wearing

eye shadow. I just thought it

didn't look right on me.

One time I went to a family

party and my aunt told me

that I looked like a clown

because I was wearing too

much blush.


So I always stayed away from


So do you still not wear it?

I actually decided to not

listen to her and

now blush is my go-to makeup


So for me, I used to wear

red lipstick all the time

and then I died my hair red

and thought

I just couldn't wear red

lips with it anymore. And then

one day I put it on and

I felt like myself again.

And it was such a good feeling

to be back in my go-to look.

It's so interesting the things we

tell ourselves that we can't do.

I think for me it was the first

time I saw someone at work

wearing a smoky eye

and she had like the same

skin tone as me and similar

eye shape. And I was like, wait

why do I think that I can't

pull it off but she looks

so great. And that honestly

inspired me to, like, try

my first smoky eye.

People say makeup should

make you look a certain way

or make you pretty or sexy but

it's just supposed to be fun

and make you look

however you want to express

yourself that day

whether it's blue lipstick

or purple eyeshadow.

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