Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I was in Manhattan twice today.

I was also in Brooklyn for a little while, where I was sitting on a bench, writing a

video about Zakir Naik accidently refuting Islam, and I heard a guy say, "David Wood."

He was a street preacher in a wheelchair.

He said that he watches my videos because he has some Muslim friends.

So we talked for a while about how to get Muslims to think more critically about their

religion and about how to convince American Christians not to be scared of preaching to


Later, I was in Manhattan.

I didn't hear anything about the attack, even though it was going on while I was there.

I received my first notification when I got back to the Bronx.

At that point, I wasn't sure it was a terrorist attack.

The notification said that shots were fired near the World Trade Center.

But as additional information came in, I realized that we're dealing with "vehicular jihad."

Apparently, a terrorist rented a truck, drove it down a bike path, plowed into a crowd of

people, killing at least eight, and then crashed the truck into a special needs school bus

while shouting "Allahu Akbar."

If you're at all surprised by any of this, you obviously didn't watch the video I posted

back in March, where I said this:

So now we're in a position to understand the rise of vehicular jihad.

Years ago, al-Qaeda set the bar for a successful terrorist attack pretty high.

A successful terrorist attack was crashing planes into buildings or blowing up subway

stations—mass casualties.

"Go big or go home."

And for years, aspiring jihadis attempted to recapture the success of the 9-11 attacks

or the 7-7 bombings . . . and they failed.

Over and over again, jihadis would get caught trying to buy bombs from undercover FBI agents.

They would then go to prison, and instead of inflicting terror, they convinced us that

the FBI is really on top of things.

Eventually, a few jihadis concluded that successful small-scale attacks would be better than failed

large-scale attacks.

So instead of plotting to blow up a building, they would grab a knife, or an axe, or a gun,

or a small pressure cooker bomb, and go stab, or hack, or shoot, or blow up a few people

in the name of Allah.

These small-scale attacks wouldn't be as dramatic as the 9-11 attacks or the 7-7 bombings,

but they were much more difficult to stop than large-scale attacks.

But even though small-scale attacks are more difficult to prevent, they're not always

impossible to stop.

Police can keep an eye on people who buy guns, or who download instructions to build pressure-cooker


If someone's carrying a backpack onto a train, police can tell him to open his bag.

But how do you stop someone from getting in his SUV and driving it into a crowd of people?

Until he's plowing through the people, he hasn't done anything.

How do you stop someone from renting a U-Haul truck and heading towards a local parade?

You can't.

Now, you can watch the entire twelve-minute video.

If you do, ask yourself, "What did David get wrong IN ANY WAY?"

I was right on every single detail, right down to the truck rental, with two tiny exceptions—I

said "U-Haul truck," when the actual terrorist rented his truck from Home Depot, and I said

"parade," instead of "crowd near a bike path."

So, why is it that we can predict not only THAT a terrorist attack will occur, but also

the exact method of the terrorist attack, with almost surgical precision?

Well, we can predict these attacks because they're extremely predictable, thanks to

the process of elimination.

Muhammad ordered his followers to violently subjugate non-Muslims and hypocrites.

Surah 33, verse 21 of the Qur'an says that Muhammad is the pattern of conduct for Muslims,

and in Sahih al-Bukhari 2977, Muhammad proclaims: "I have been made victorious with terror."

Terrorism was Muhammad's weapon of choice, and he's the pattern of conduct for his


Fortunately, most Muslims live far better lives than their prophet.

But some, sadly, do strive to imitate him.

But the world is very different from what it was during the time of Muhammad.

An aspiring jihadi today has a number of options available to him.

He might go out and join a foreign terrorist group, and there are numerous groups he might


He might wage jihad locally, wherever he happens to live, in which case he'll have to decide

whether to learn to build bombs, or buy a gun, or grab a knife, or get behind the wheel.

He might support terrorists financially by sending them money or supplies.

Or he might wait for some future opportunity.

For jihadis who decide to wage jihad locally, vehicular jihad is now the best option available.

It can take years to learn to build bombs.

Guns are difficult to acquire in certain areas.

Knives can only do so much damage.

But anyone . . . ANYONE can rent a truck and drive it into a crowd of people.

Today, a terrorist drove a rental truck into a crowd of people because vehicular jihad

is low risk-high payoff.

Low risk of getting caught prior to the attack, but high payoff in terms of casualties.

So, what can we do about these attacks?

No point in repeating myself.

Here's what I said seven months ago.

Now there are really only two things you can do to deal with jihad.

You can refute the ideology that leads to the attacks, or you can try to minimize or

prevent the attacks once they're in motion.

Our leaders have done less than nothing when it comes to refuting the ideology of jihadis.

I say, "Less than nothing," because "nothing" would have been keeping their mouths shut.

They haven't kept their mouths shut.

Instead, they've defended and promoted Muhammad and the Qur'an—the sources of jihadi doctrine.

So the ideology of jihadis has spread.

That leaves our leaders with the task of preventing individual attacks and trying to minimize

the damage of attacks they can't prevent.

Improvements in security and surveillance have been remarkably successful in preventing

most large-scale attacks, but this has pushed jihadis towards small-scale attacks.

Given the options available to small-scale jihadis who don't have access to guns, vehicular

jihad is just as easy as a knife attack, but far more deadly.

And that's why we're going to be seeing more of these attacks.

So, stay alert when you're in a crowded area, and learn to refute Islam so that future

generations don't have to depend on politicians to keep them safe from Muhammad's teachings.

And what will our leaders—especially New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio—do about

this attack?

They'll use all the media attention to tell us how wonderful Islam is and how evil we

are for being concerned about Muhammad's clear commands to violently subjugate Jews,

Christians, and other unbelievers.

Are you sick of this nonsense yet?

If so, the only way forward is to continue building an informed population of free people.

Learn about jihad, and then share what you learn, until there are so many of us who know

what we're talking about, the silly little voices of politicians and reporters will be

drowned out in a chorus of sanity.

To understand jihad, be sure to watch and share these videos, and since I discuss Islamic

terrorism pretty regularly here, please don't leave without clicking the subscribe button

for future updates.

Also, as more news comes in about the attack, let me know what you think in the comments


For more infomation >> Jihad Returns to New York City - Duration: 8:21.


8-Bit Unboxing October 2017 - Duration: 14:37.

Hello, and welcome back to this month's 8-Bit unboxing, where I'm going to unbox all of

the things that you guys have sent me during the month of October 2017.

And by the way, I do film these in chronological order throughout the month as I receive them


So, anyway, let's get started!

The first package of October comes from Ethan Richardson from New Jersey.

I like the box, apparently there is geeky goodness inside.

Well, let's open it up and see what geeky goodness it contains.

It's a direct-to-TV paceman game, and one I didn't already have.

I'll have to add this to the list for part 2 of the TV games episode that I'll eventually

be making.

Very cool.

He also sent this Ducktales cart for the NES, which I did not have already!

Thank you Ethan!

Here's a little package from CJ.

OK, it's a cartridge for the TI99, one I didn't already have.

Thank you CJ!Here's a package with a LOT of stamps!

It's from Douglas Vernooy?

Let's hope that's close to correct!


Let's see what treasure we have here.

Oh yeah!

I've been wanting one of these for a long time.

It's a Pilot!

Notice I didn't call it a palm pilot?

That's because this is the original that was produced by USRobotics, before it was

spun off under a different brand name!

Let's open it up and have a look inside!

Here we've got a manual.

That looks like an old Packard Bell with all of the branding removed.

Here's the actual Pilot.

Check it out, there's not a scratch on this thing!

Here's the cradle.

The original, of course, used a serial cable.

There was no USB back then.

And the pilot fits in snug just like that!

Very nice.

I'll definitely do a video on this eventually.

Next up, I have a mystery box from the United Kingdom.

There's no sender name.

The customs paperwork says it has a floppy disk inside.

Well, let's see what the mystery man has sent me.

Oh yes..

This is from Alan, it's the original setup disks for that Compaq portable 386 that I

got in last month.

This should help getting that machine up and running.

Thank you Alan!And next we have a heavy box from Alexander Cmaylo.


Why can't these packages ever have names like Frank Jones, or Bob Johnson?

You know, something easy for a guy with my limited education to pronounce.

Anyway, ah yes..

I remember this conversation.

He had a load of old manuals and I told him which ones I was in need of.

So this one, for example, is for the C64 obviously.

But this one has the wire binding on the spine, which I like.

And this is a different revision of the manual, also with the spiral binding.

And I really like the cover on this one!

And, actually, I already have a copy of this, but mine is falling apart due to 25 years

of heavy use.

This one is in a little better shape.

This is another one I didn't have, at least not with the spiral binding.

And these are all various manuals to Commodore's different disk drives.

And I already have a 128 system guide, but I have a friend who is in need of one.

And last but not least, the Amiga 500 system guide, which I did not have at all!

So, these will be a very nice addition to my collection, thank you Alexander!

Next up is a big and heavy box.

This is from Boris Shpitser from California.

Let's open this up.

So what we have here… is a mess.

But no, seriously, this is a word processor!

I've had 1980s style word processors on my want-list for a while because I've been

wanting to take one apart and see what's inside.

These things are essentially purpose built computers so I've always wondered what hardware

they used.

This one, of course, is a Panasonic W1525.

At first I thought the keyboard was not included because normally they go over the screen.

But this one appears to be attached to the rear.

I wanted to go ahead and power this up now because it may be a while before I have a

chance to revisit this in a dedicated video.

So, it did power on, but the screen was rather dim.

Then I realized there was a brightness control here.

Ah yes, that's much better!

Unfortunately, my camera is picking up a lot of glare and I don't have a polarizer lens

for this one.

I guess I need to get one.

Anyway, the CRT is nice and crisp!

And I'm impressed!

This one can do spreadsheets.

I thought these things were just word processors only!

Anyway, a big thanks to Boris!

Next box… well, this one doesn't keep any secrets, does it?

Let's hope there's an Odyssey2 inside of the box!

This is from Macie Miller.

And apparently it contains….

A coat?

Well, I've seen a lot of weird things used for packing material, but this is a new one

for me!

Well, Macie says I can do whatever I want with the coat.. so It's probably going to


But let's take a look at the Odyssey 2!

This is pretty new to me as I've never really seen or played one of these.

I can't believe the controllers are hard wired into the machine.

There were also 6 games included, as well as a few Atari 2600 games.

Anyway, thank you very much Macie.

I suspect you'll be seeing this again in a future episode.

All right!

Another big and heavy box!

This one is from Rook Ascenzo from Illinois.

OK, this is too big so I'll have to put it on the floor.

I believe this is another word processor.

Things always seem to work out that way.

I don't know why similar things tend to show up within the same month.

Let's get this bubble wrap off so we can see which model this is.


This is a Brother model.

And my cat is in here bugging me, so I thought maybe she'd like the giant box of packing


It should be fun right?

Like a ball pit for cats, right?

Well, she doesn't seem very amused.

I think she wants to jump out, but every time she tries to get her footing, she sinks in


OK, she's going jump!

So, back to the word processor.

This one opens like most I remember.

And it looks like a disk is included.

Well, let's power it on!

And it works too!

The CRT looks nice.

So yeah, you'll probably be seeing this again too!

Thank you Rook!

The next donation was from Russel Miller who actually dropped it off in person.

It's some kind of little weird computer called a Lamba PC.

I'll have to investigate this further!

Anyway, thank you Russell!

Next up is a box from Jason Putnam from Maryland.

I know what's in this and it's something I've been looking forward to playing around


So, this is a built-it-yourself kit for a hobbyist computer that he has designed.

It runs on a 6502 processor.

And it's made from all brand-new off the shelf components.

And yes, you can still buy 6502 processors!

And here's the actual board.

I'll be soldering all of the components on here myself.

Also this board is supposed to be Apple I compatible, but in the future it may be able

to run more than that!

So stay tuned for a future video on this guy!

Thank you Jason!

Here's another giant, heavy box.

This one also has no secrets.

I hope there is really a Model 4 inside of there!

This is from Thomas Powers from Georgia.

I'll have to move this to the floor as well.

Here's a note from Thomas.

Wow, there's like a lot of stuff crammed in here.

However, as I'm taking stuff out, I'm thinking this is not a TRS-80 Model 4 after


So maybe this box does hold secrets after all?

SO it turns out all of this stuff was in that box.

There was no model-4, instead there was this Model 1.

Which is fine, as I didn't have one of those either.

So this is the original model that was released in 1977.

And it even has the matching monitor.

So I wanted to power this on and see if it works.

The interesting thing is, I powered it on off camera first and it actually did boot


But when I tried to power it on the second time, all it would do is flash the power light.

I think the capacitors in the power supply have gone bad.

The monitor is still working, though.

I imagine you'll be seeing this again.

Thank you Thomas!

Next donation was from Benjamin Durham, who also delivered his in person.

He gave me an old Powerbook Duo, along with two Powerbook G4 titanium models, and some

weird looking toy keyboard that I'll have to examine later.

Thank you Benjamin!

Next is a little box from Elija Powell, from Moussouri.

Every day is Christmas if you're the 8-Bit Guy.

Well, there's some truth to that!

But every day is also a work day!

So it's a double-edged sword!

So here's two game carts, packed in a bizarre method.

So, Football for the Gameboy, didn't have that.

And here's another.

Nascar for the N64.

Didn't have that either.

Thank you Elijah!Up next is a package from…


All right.

So Demon Attack for the Magnavox Odyssey2….

Again, weird since I just got an Odyssey2!

And Enchanter for the TI99.

OK, thank you very much.

This next one is from Andrew Paulo, from Connecticut.

Interesting, a Socrates.

I remember these.

Yeah, so this was like an edutainment computer from the late 1980s.

I've never played with one before.

So yeah, it came with quite a bit of stuff, including some software, which is useful if

I'm going to review it.

And also a voice synthesizer cartridge.

Very nice!

I imagine you'll be seeing this again too!

Thank you Andrew.

Here's a little package from David Emel.

And it's wrapped up like Fort Knox in duct tape.

Ah yes..

I remember this.

He was offering me some Apple stuff, and I said I could use another disk controller for

my Apple IIe because I can't get the disk drive to work and I am not sure if it is the

drive or controller.

So hopefully this will either fix the problem, or at least confirm what the problem is.

Oh look, this is from 1978, so this is a pretty early model.

Thank you David!

And the next box is also big.

This is from Eric Hutchinson from Rhode Island.

It's full of packing peanuts so I'd better put it on the ground.

Look at that!

MORE odyssey stuff!

Are the planets aligned just right.

Oh wait, I don't believe in astrology.

Still, this is weird.

However, this is the Odyssey 1, the very first.

In fact, this is it guys!

This is the very first home video game console, which came out in 1972.

So this even predates the Atari 2600.

I've never played one of these.

So this will be quite an experience.

These controllers are crazy.

And my understanding is that there are actually not any ROMs on these cartridges, rather they

just criss-cross wires to activate various games that are already built into the machine.


Well, expect to see this again too!

Thank you Eric!

OK, we've got a box here from Peter Landell.

I can't remember what he was sending.

Ah yes…

I remember this discussion now.

This is the notorious 16K memory expansion for the Timex Sinclair 1000.

I haven't seen one of these in 25 years or more..

I have to take it out and look at it.

Ah yes.

I used to have one of these and as I recall it was very temperamental.

If you bumped or touched it just right it would cause the computer to lockup or reset.

Anyway, you'll be seeing this again when I do an episode on the ZX81 series.

Thank you Peter!

OK, we're getting close to the end.

This is from Chris Roseberry.

And what the heck is this?

OK, I think this is the card reader for the Gameboy advance that will read those special


Let's see what's in here.

Ok, yeah, that pretty much confirms that is what that is.

OK, cool.

As for this drive, at first I was wondering why he sent this.

Then I realized this was a lightscribe drive.

Which is something I thought I might touch on at some point.

Thank you Chris!

Next up is a moderate sized box from Ken Hargy, or Hargy.

Not sure how to pronounce that.

Ok, I can't tell what the heck this is.



This is what is known as the Darth Vader of Apple II computers.

It's the Bell and Howell version.

However, this one has a really ugly modification done to it.

Look at that.

Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now.

He's going to come back to haunt whoever did this.

Well, this will be an interesting restoration challenge.

I've never dealt with a giant hole in the case before.

Also this is interesting…

It appears to be an RF modulator.

Look at that, Channel 33 TV interface unit..

I've never seen a modulator that uses Channel 33, or maybe that is a brand name.

Who knows.

Anyway, this should be a fun project!

Thank you Ken!

All right, I want to thank everyone for some of the fantastic donations I got last month.

And sometimes, you know, when I crack jokes about stuff, I'm not trying to be unappreciative,

just in case anybody thinks that.

Because, believe me, if I was not appreciative I wouldn't have shown it in the video.

I also wanted to mention that last month, October, I didn't produce as many videos as

I normally did and some people may have been wondering why.

Part of the reason is because I was gone part of the month to Portland for the Retro Gaming


The other reason is because I've also been working really hard trying to finish up Planet


So, it's basically done now.

This is a prototype and this game is going to be released probably next month.

I've just got a couple of bugs I'm still trying to track down.

And, I'm going to do a full video on the product when it's released.

But I just wanted to let you know that I am still definitely working on it and it is coming.

And I'm looking forward to showing it to you because I'm pretty proud of it.

It's a real-time strategy game for the Commodore 64.

So, anyway, stay tuned for more information on that and I do have some other great content

coming up for November.

So, stick around for that!

For more infomation >> 8-Bit Unboxing October 2017 - Duration: 14:37.


Free Mini Mystery School: Solve Your Money Problems, Create Your Dream Reality - Duration: 2:04.

My focus is going to be on the most important of all the Mysteries.

The mystery is, "Why most people are hurting for money?"

That's a great mystery.

And this mystery has never been addressed properly in the West.

But in the East, the simple answer is — It is Karma.

I want to focus on the solution of what can be done.

it is the Universal Truth, that most people, regardless where they live, they're hurting

for money.

So, how do you address that?

And then here, I have a meditation to diffuse the Mind.

When you are out of the Mind, which is in the Now, then there is a possibility to create

an alternative Reality.

Once you are in the Now, then you are in the Infinite Space of being in a position to create

an alternative great Reality.

And that Reality is the Quantum Reality.

You know, the Quantum Reality is the most powerful reality that exists.

For more infomation >> Free Mini Mystery School: Solve Your Money Problems, Create Your Dream Reality - Duration: 2:04.



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This Is Us - Share the Moment: Happy Tears (Episode Highlight - Presented by Chevrolet) - Duration: 2:09.

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Abraham Hicks - The importance of love yourself first - Duration: 15:04.

GUEST: - And I have lived my life I feel like in such a way that I...

My strongest desires were for positive healthy relationships

You know, abundance and those kinds of things have come easier to me since I understood that but...

But, relationships....

So, I've had situations in my life...

And tragedy


Things that I can't tell you, I feel like I helped to create

If I do have to take all that responsibility...

My question is: how do I stay in love with who I am?

ABRAHAM: - Because your inner being has stayed in love with who you are

And your quest is to seek harmony with your inner being

In fact, every time you judge yourself or condemn yourself or feel bad

That's your indication that you're off the mark if how source feels about you

And don't you think source ought to know?

GUEST: - I do get that. I think.

But it has to do more with...

Is there a line?

Because I've been in touch with a therapist...

ABRAHAM: - Nope! Nope!

[Some laughs at the audience]

[The laughter grows louder]

GUEST: - Can I give you an example?

mmm I don't where to begin, but...

ABRAHAM: - We do!

[Some laughs at the audience]

Relationships are significant because you're interacting with others all the time

And how you feel has a lot to do with how you perceive others

And there's an inordinate amount of care from you and almost everybody

About how others see you

So, there has been for all of your life a tremendous amount of futile attempt

At contouring your life to please others

Which has messed up your own sensitivity to your own guidance system

Almost everybody we would be same pretty much the same thing too

So, as you've been following us here

And we're going to get right to what you're talking about it

Just relax and trust it this is all going to smooth right out for you

As we've been talking here today about this path of least resistance

What most people do

Without even knowing they're doing it

Is that you try to make a path of lesser resistance for that one and that one and that one and that one

And in the process of it, two things happen

One is: you distract them from their own guidance

And two is: you distract yourself from your own guidance

And 3 out of 2 and 4 out of 2 and 5 out of 2 and 6 out of 2

Is it backfires one hundred percent of the time anyway

You just kind of got to let people figure stuff out

and not try so hard to be the factor that makes it better for all of them

And once you decide that that's how it's going to be

And you begin translating that into behavior

Things just get better and better

You can be so good to some that you disable them completely

You can be so good to some that they become almost demanding of more from you

It's like you start a trend where they get used to their sustenance coming from you

And then if you have the nerve to stop it in some way

Then they become sometimes outraged

Because it's like you've cut them off from the good that they deserve

And that they have demanded through you

Well, it's time for you to allow them to discover

That like you and like everyone

They have a stream of care and attention and resources that is going directly to them from source

And you're going to let them discover that for themselves

And you stop holding yourself responsible for things that you can't control

That were never any of your business to begin with

You'll feel way better

Once you start recognizing that

GUEST: - My husband committed suicide

ABRAHAM: - Good for him.

[Some laughs at the audience]

Because every death is suicide. Every death is.

Every death is. some are just more deliberate about the way they go about it.

But every death is a response to that vibration between who they really are

So let's talk about that!

If everything that we say is as it is, and it is.

It all is as we say it is. It is.

It all is as we say it is.

It is.

So, as he's living his life he's putting all of this into his vortex

And, without meaning to, like so many holding himself apart from his own vortex

When you've created a masterful vortex

And you hold yourself so definitively apart from it

It is very hard to take!

So one of two things happen

Either you find a way to find alignment while you're still in your physical body

Or you find a way to find alignment when you're not in your physical body

But in any case, you find a way to find alignment

And everything that we were saying to you

In that sort of hypothetical sense, is our message to you

That you could not have stood on your head in enough different ways

To have made any difference whatsoever

It is not about you. It is not about you.

It is not about you. It is not about you.

It is not about you. It is not about you.


GUEST: - I didn't help created that!

ABRAHAM: - So, did every other person on the planet.

If the cat and stop peeing on the couch...

[The audience laughs]

GUEST: - What it created is my family fell completely apart

I have two daughters that are... In a religion

That if you're not in that religion, they have a hard time understanding you

ABRAHAM: - Almost every religions like that.

GUEST: - Yeah! ABRAHAM: - In other word...

Let's just start there: almost everyone has a hard time understanding almost everyone

And the reason for that is

You did not say: "I'll go into this time-space reality and I'll understand everyone"

That would make you crazy!

That's what Facebook is doing to you!

[The audience laughs]

You're so involved in everybody else's lives

You're completely unfocused about your own

GUEST: - Do I just let go though of my grandchildren?

I have eight grandchildren and two daughters

And I can't seem to get to a place where I can accept I don't get to see them

ABRAHAM: - Here's the thing:

Don't get to the place where you accept

That's like we don't want you or anyone

To ever get to the place where you accept that something that you want can't be

But something that will soothe you today, this minute


Is if you can accept that you have a vibrational relationship with them

That you can focus upon and get a feeling for all day every day

And don't let the absence of the manifestation

Just because the manifestation isn't the way you want at this red hot minute

Doesn't mean that what you want does not exist

You got to focus unconditionally for a while

And it's our promise to you: when you focus unconditionally for a while

So that your tuned-in tapped in turned on, feeling better

The Universe will orchestrate a way for you to rendezvous with the things that you want

It must be! It is Law!

But that isn't what you've been doing

You've been focusing upon the reality

That's tearing you up keeping you from being in vibrational alignment with your vortex

With what you want

And so what you're getting is what you're a vibrational match to

Its ok!

But it doesn't have to feel so bad. You see?

GUEST: - I get that!

ABRAHAM: - How else are you going to sort it out?

You're going to say: "All right well you, guys, belong to religion..."

"That believes the way that I don't!"

"So, something's got to change either you got to join me or I got to join you!"

And all of you stand there and say to each other: "na na na na na na"

"We're not going! We're not coming."

And so, then you say: "Okay. Then that's got to be the end of it."

"Because if we can't make peace in this."

When we say: no, it's not the end of it! It's the beginning of it!

Because in all of that discord you're launching rockets of desire

You're remembering who you are.

Do you know that as you came into this physical experience as these clusters

that not only are you eternally tied to these children and grandchildren

But all who have come before are also tied

And they are all non physically focused and looking here too

In other words, to be in a place where you have cut yourself off

From the attitude of love

And you're using some bogus thing as your justification for it

You don't want to perpetuate that and then

You don't want to stand in resistance to them

You don't want to wave the red blanket in front of the Raging Bull

And cause them more discord from who they are

If you love your children. And we know you do.

And you love your grandchildren (we really know you do)

But if you love your children (and we know you do)

And you love your grandchildren (and we know you do)

And you love your children (and we know you do)

If you love anyone (and we know you do) then your dominant intention is to help them

As best you can find alignment with who they are

And opposing them and making them wrong and staking your claim

And join them where they're wrong is not the way to go about it

You just got to remember who you all are as Source

And you got to remember how you felt when they were little

And how you felt when they got married

And how you felt... And how you felt... And how you felt...

This is the best opportunity that we have ever seen

Not because it's big and not because it's tragic

And not because it's a big burden

This is the perfect opportunity to discover not just the relief of unconditional love

But the power of it.

When you blame yourself

You're walking around with this advertisement that says:

"I'm to blame! I'm to blame!"

And weaker people who haven't learned about focus

And they don't really care that much about how they feel

Pick up on your vibe and blame you

So you keep getting blamed for stuff that you have nothing to do with

Not because they're looking for a way to blame you

But because you have been carrying that around

Someone who feels guilty will attract someone who has a propensity to blame

This Law of Attraction thing

So, what we want to help you to do is to acknowledge that you've been doing just fine

And that the Source within you adores you

And that this person who made his transition into non-physical holds no blame whatsoever upon you

Or upon himself

Because now he's in a place where he understands what's really going on

So as you relax little by little and get feeling better

And letting yourself like yourself more in the natural way that you will

What happens is...

We may be channeling Taylor Swift

[The audience laughs]

♫Haters gotta hate, hate, hate, hat,e hate♫

♫Haters gotta hate, hate, hate, hat,e hate♫

♫And you just got to shake it off, shake it off♫

[The audience laughs and applauds]

Because you cannot please them

You can't understand

The only thing that you can do is to come in alignment with your Source

And when you do

The return to that steady consistent love

See the thing about relatives is that you got to catch them on a good day

[The audience laughs]

The thing about Source is it's always a good day

But you got to be in the vicinity of the good day that Source is always flowing to you

So as you find these thoughts that are easier for you to hook up with Source

So that you become addicted to that connection

What will happen is you'll find yourself unwilling

And eventually not even capable of focusing upon those thoughts

That have been putting the resistance on your trail

And this is going to be hard for you to hear but it's the reality that we want you to know

It's not the decision of your children that is keeping you from your grandchildren

Is the resistance that you've put on your own trail

In response to what you think they mean or what you think they're saying to you

Feels like it's a reality that they are creating

Because these are demands that they're making

These are edicts that they are putting out there

But that's never what is really happening

Your response to them is just causing you to pile more and more and more stuff on your trail

On your path of least resistance

That's preventing you from what you want

But as you get your attention off of that and on other things

That will begin to dissipate more and more

And then it will one day just feel logical to them

These children are not going to be that old before they begin a requesting time with you

And in their alignment, their connection to Source

Their power of influence will be much greater

And that rendezvous is a sure thing it's a done deal

It has happened many many times in the vortex

And it will bring itself all the way to fruition

You've just got to stop being sad in the meantime

We really want to make that statement to

Anyone who wants anything that hasn't yet manifested

You got to stop being bent out of shape over the fact that the manifestation hasn't happened

Because you're being uncomfortable about the fact that the manifestation hasn't happened

Is what's causing you to put all the stuff on the trail

And preventing it from happening sooner

It's not possible for you to not get what you want

We just don't think you should have to croak in order to get your resistance to go away

That is extreme, but it works!

But we don't think you should have to do that in order for your resistance to be away, you see?

For more infomation >> Abraham Hicks - The importance of love yourself first - Duration: 15:04.


5 Japanese Horror films you never knew you had to watch - Duration: 2:39.

This is Darren Lynn Bousman.

I'm the director of Saw 3

Saw 4

JIGSAW: Welcome to your rebirth.

Repo the Genetic Opera,

And the Executive Producer of Crow's Blood.

And this is my Top 5 Japanese Horror Films.

Number Five, I'm gonna have to say Ringu.

It's a masterfully done film, out of suspense,

the visuals are shocking,

it was a film that can bring a lot of people that might be scared

to approach Japanese Horror, very easily in,

it's a commercial film that is well acted,

that is absolutely terrifying.

Going to number 4,

is The Grudge...Ju-On.

I watched it late at night by myself in my hotel room,

and what's so unique about that, for me,

is the creepy child.

It was so simplistic.

He walked around,

and made a sound with his voice...


You'd literally be watching a scene and not realize,

the boy was behind the actor the entire time.

And it terrified me of children.

It was so horrific.

Number 3...

is gonna be Audition.

I saw audition on the big screen,

and I was actually mad for about half hour,

40 minutes into it because it wasn't a horror film.

I'm watching a film with a lot of talking heads...

and about 40 minutes in, I was like,

what is this?

Uh...and then it hits.

And when the horror starts, it doesn't stop.

And, it's one of those movies that I remember getting a sickening feel in my stomach...

But the bag...

When the bag moves,

I shit.

Number 2, is Ichi the Killer.

Ichi the Killer is the opposite of Audition.

It starts off in your face, it punches you in the balls at the very first second...

For those that have a weak stomach,

the credit sequence is made after a man pleasures himself,

and his ejaculation forms the title of the movie.

That is the least offensive thing in the entire film after that.

My number 1...

It's a weird film...

Go see Coldfish.

I had the "what the fuck factor" the entire time.

It was one of those films that I went back,

and I Googled it, and I found out that it was actually based

on a lot of a true story.

Get through to the end, and realize that it's based on an actual, true case.

This is director Darren Lynn Bousman,

and these were my Top 5 Japanese Horror Films.


For more infomation >> 5 Japanese Horror films you never knew you had to watch - Duration: 2:39.


[ENG SUB] Stray Kids EP3 - 'Hyung Will Show You' Chan, Hyunjin, and Seungmin's Snack Bet! - Duration: 4:30.

BC: This time should we bet snacks?

BC: Hwaiting! Hyung with show you a little bit^^

BC: Lets go lets go!

(Bowling after betting on who will buy snacks)

(t/n lol too hype)

(Seungmin rolls the ball romantically and innocently for now) (t/n honestly idk why it says that)

(romantic innocence goes down the gutter...^^)

(ah... that cold-hearted bowling ball...)

(Hyunjin rolls the ball indifferent and chicly)

(easily strikes)

(gets frivolous)

(please... please...)

(what will it be?)

(for some reason I want to fly today = Bang Chan's mood)


(t/n damn this boy is good!)

(Did you see that~ my skills~)


SM: For some reason I feel like I'm going to end up buying the snacks today

(the romantic innocence... my wallet... my money...)

(just throws it)

(Seungmin's puzzled)

(the bowling ball drives forward)

(thats a strike!!!!)


(After that, Seungmin's ball goes)

(his face brightens after the ball goes in)

(easily picks up the spare~^^)


BC: We're going to end up loosing to Seungmin?


(throws the bowling ball at his turn!)

(t/n this marshmallow's face I'm crying)

(chants (ability) is shaking when he starts)

(Bang Chan is weakly loosing this battle...)

(Seungmin is fiercely leading with the points by a tongue)

(finally the last turns)

SM: I'm going to try and turn this score around.

(He has thrown the ball!)

(so who will be the one who has to buy the snacks?)


(Seungmin makes a perfect strike!)

(The winner of this game is me!)

BC: Why are you being like this to your hyung?

(With that strike, Seungmin was able to win over Chan)

SM: Should we start boiling the ramen?

(the end result hasn't been decided yet)

(just one more chance to turn the results around!)

(the one who is good at bowling, I am Bang Chan)

(making the strike not a big deal)

(please... just once...)


(please don't strike...)

(anxious, nervous)

(the last bowling throw)

(passionate back as this hyung bowls)

(nervous x100)

(is it really a strike?!)

(the direction of the ball is good, but what will Bang Chan's fate be?)

(t/n okay I actually snorted)


For more infomation >> [ENG SUB] Stray Kids EP3 - 'Hyung Will Show You' Chan, Hyunjin, and Seungmin's Snack Bet! - Duration: 4:30.


learn colors with Oddbods 2017 Funny Cartoons For Kids nursery rhyme for children - Duration: 2:33.

learn colors with Oddbods 2017 Funny Cartoons For Kids nursery rhyme for children

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Jugni | Punjabi Wedding Song | Bhangra Gidda Songs | Punjabi Lok Geet | Neelam Sharma | USP TV - Duration: 2:45.

Jugni meri de dhage bagge, jugni meri de dhage

O jugni meri de dhage bagge, jugni ohdey muhon phubey

Jihnu satt ishq di lagey, oye veer mereya jugni

Allah Bismilallah teri jugni, haye taareya ve teri jugni

Sai Bodaan vaaleya jugni, hoye

O jugni ja wadi Multan, jugni ja wadi

O jugni ja wadi Multan, othe vadde-vadde pehlwaan

Khaande giriyan te badam, maran mukki kaddan jaan

Oye veer mereya jugni

Allah Bismilallah teri jugni, haye taareya ve teri jugni

Sai Bodaan vaaleya jugni, hoye

O jugni jandi ae dande-dande, jugni jandi ae

O jugni jandi ae dande-dande, sirr te ghada kaaleja kambe

Munda kuchhad pani mange, oye veer mereya jugni

Veer mereya jugni chandi di, main taur pechhana

Main taur pechhana jandi di, hoye

O jugni ja wadi Jalandhar, jugni ja wadi

O jugni ja wadi Jalandhar, police ne fadh ke karti andar

Nikli kismat di sikandar, jugni bahar puliciae andar

Oye veer mereya jugni

Allah Bismilallah teri jugni, haye taareya ve teri jugni

Sai Bodaan vaaleya jugni, allah Bismilallah teri jugni

Haye taareya ve teri jugni, sai Bodaan vaaleya jugni

Allah Bismilallah teri jugni, haye taareya ve teri jugni

Allah Bismilallah teri jugni, ho...

For more infomation >> Jugni | Punjabi Wedding Song | Bhangra Gidda Songs | Punjabi Lok Geet | Neelam Sharma | USP TV - Duration: 2:45.


I'm broken - Tom Tord 【Eddsworld Animatic】 (RUS SUB) - Duration: 3:08.

For more infomation >> I'm broken - Tom Tord 【Eddsworld Animatic】 (RUS SUB) - Duration: 3:08.


Chuyện về Ông Trùm Đất Cảng "Yêu" nhằm vợ bạn - Chuyện có thật - Duration: 11:28.

For more infomation >> Chuyện về Ông Trùm Đất Cảng "Yêu" nhằm vợ bạn - Chuyện có thật - Duration: 11:28.


Picture Perfect | A CHRISTMAS STORY LIVE - Duration: 0:21.

For more infomation >> Picture Perfect | A CHRISTMAS STORY LIVE - Duration: 0:21.


OCTOBRE 2017 - Best Makeup & Products & Beauty Tips & Hacks TUTORIALS BY xTHUYLE (TWO) - Duration: 11:36.


I hope you are well

I hope you enjoy watching this video




For more infomation >> OCTOBRE 2017 - Best Makeup & Products & Beauty Tips & Hacks TUTORIALS BY xTHUYLE (TWO) - Duration: 11:36.


EP3.5 : Loha Prasat - Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara - Duration: 2:54.

The metal castle or Wat Rachanaddaram Worrawiharn is located near Rachadamnoen and Mahachai

road as it looks very elegant and outstanding itself.

If anyone passes by at night, you will experience the lightings and decorations on it which

is way more beautiful.

This castle is the first and only one in Thailand.

It is also in the third rank of the world although the rest are already gone with time.

This metal castle in Thailand was built in the sixth reign, when the king had big passion

in Buddhism.

Therefore, the castle has so many sacred ceremonies set up in.

The castle has already been renovated several times.

There are 4 floors and 37 castle-tops that represent the 37 Buddhist principles called

"Pra Po tiPuk Kiya Dham"

On the first level, you can attend the exhibition that costs no money!

There are both Thai and English language provided with the delicate information about the castle.

Moreover, you can use the area for meditation and prayers.

Which means the place has to always be remained quiet and peaceful.

Within the place, there will be labels that indicate certain activities to do in any areas.

Be it meditating or reading spots.

Every area is divided into sections.

On the

top of the castle is the best vantage point for a good view.

The opening time is 9am to 5 pm every day.

The metal castle is not only the one in the world, but also a very precious Buddhist heritage.

Coming to Bangkok soon?

Mark this place to visit!

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